Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sahara Palin can see Lake Michigan from her porch!!

Statue of Liberty replica on frozen Lake Mendota, Madison WI 1996
 I think that there is a cold day in Hell..... and it is now.

She can see Wisconsin from her porch!!
SARAH PALIN  has weighed in on the Wisconsin political scene..... which I find astounding for a politician who quit her office.... in the middle of one term.  I find this particularly abhorrent..... she claims that " Union bosses " are using Union workers for their own ends.  Get a fucking clue, Sahara!
for more info, and comments check out ABC NEWS.  The comments are very telling.  Yesterday a more conservative friend made a comment about Jesse Jackson's appearance in Madison to support the protesters.  He said "there is no need for outside agitators".  Gees. Sahara's personal wealth is now estimated to be about $12MM.  I wish I could quit my job and make that kind of money.  I do not think that someone who has not worked for the last two years should say anything about workers.

There is expected to be over 100,000 at the Capital today.  The real telling thing???? No violence, no threats no arrests.  News was that there were NINE citations issued for minor violations.  In a crownd of over 45,000 yesterday.  There are more arrests at a Packer-Bear game!  As Mack72 commented at the ABC news link...
"I'm a member of a union here. I have not heard the term "union boss" in years. Sarah you need to get better writers or at least read what they write for you before it's published. This is a rights issue. We should all be watching. I agree the media is spinning this. They attempt to portray there is violence here and there is not. People singing, kids, and many of us fear or the governor's assault of the middle class. No guns, profanity, or threats of harm like when the tea party runs a rally."

in other news.... I will have a pale ale at Oblio's this afternoon.  I could not find a ride to Madison.


MRMacrum said...

No Need for outside agitators? No there probably isn't. Wisconsin seems to be handling it just fine by themselves.

Nevertheless, outside agitation will come in the form of pundits, idiots, and others outside your borders. Like flies to shit, a disturbance to the peace as large and pertinent as this one is is going to draw national attention. And opinion.

As I said earlier, this is a beautiful thing, Americans voicing their opinion like this. This transcends mere op/ed madness, or specific groups holding rallies for specific viewpoints for like minded lackeys.This show of solidarity is pulling the citizens of Wisconsin together. It has become more than merely Right v. Left.

Sue said...

Isn't it awfully strange how a teabagger organization has given free bus rides to thousands of baggers from Virginia so the righties can defend the hideous fraud Walker?? Why?? Isn't there enough teabaggers right in the state of Wisconsin, they have to bus them in??

Randal Graves said...

Of course no one's heard 'union boss' in years, we do try and keep it a secr...oops, I've said too much.

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