Sunday, February 13, 2011

aint got nutting but a song


no football...... no ambition... doing laundry.... and on a Keb Mo kick...... it's been years since AI've seen him in concert.... he seems to like doing small gigs.  If you ever get a chance... DO NOT miss him


David Barber said...

Jim, apologies for my absence of late. Busy with pretty much everything, although I've popped in now and again for a quick read.

Keb Mo is pretty damn cool!!!!! That's a great song. I'll be looking out for his music. Thanks, my friend!


MRMacrum said...

Well you at least you brought more than the usual bullshit I bring to mine.

Nice song. I guess I need to add this guy's music to my collection. He's two for two now. Thanks.

Sue said...

okay jimm, that was beeeeutiful!! My kinda music!!

I'm doin' laundry too :-(

Chef Cthulhu said...

That is some good stuff. I will definitely have to seize the opportunity, if it appears.

People come and go. Laundry is forever.

okjimm said...

David... no rules... you just stop by anytime you can...

Crum...Keb Mo is sooo could...check him out further, indeed!!!

Sue...Chef... Laundry is ETERNAL!!!

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