Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Balancing The Budget.... Oh, and how is your day going??

for more news on Wisconsin...... go here....HERE!!!!!!!
oh, boy......four more years??????


MRMacrum said...

Yeah I caught that segment. Maine is going through its own version of the same thing with the new tea Party governor and the first statehouse run by Republicans in 50 years.

Tough times ahead for the states.

okjimm said...

you said it, Crum... the only upside I see is a re-emergence of free thinking and expansive thought. With luck.

Sherry Peyton said...

My sympathies. The good news is that I expect most of these teabaggers will be one termers, now that the electorate is starting to see how they are going about "balancing the budget". No cuts for the rich!

The other salient fact, is that as I predicted: Beck has tied in "unrest in Milwaukee" with the Middle East. Aint' you proud to be heading for the caliphate?

Randal Graves said...

This can only mean that Favre is the true power behind the radical jihadist throne. It all makes sense now!

okjimm said...

boy, am I pissed.... seriously

40% of Madison Wisconsin teacher's called in sick to day to protest our wingbat new governor's plan to fuck them over.... and unions.... and almost everyone in the state who works a public sector job. And some asshole at the bar said' " how inconsiderate of those teachers to inconvenience those parents who had to 'scramble' for day care.
I need to take a long walk... this is the first time in forty years that I have come close to fisticuffs. This is someone I have known for over forty years..... and I always knew he was a dummy....but until now he kept it out of my face.

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