Monday, January 10, 2011

We don't need gun control...... maybe Nut Control

Everybody loves a nut.

....see... Nuts don't kill people... Nuts with guns do.
 And infringing on my right to carry a gun where ever I please is my right.  Right.

and saying stupid things is a right too.  Right.

and being offensive and in bad taste is a right, too.  Right.

And free speech means I have the right to incite violence..... as long as I don't say the "Fire" word. Right.

I am so sorry about what happened in Arizona.  I wish I could get mad...... but all I feel is sad.  I really want sensible gun law reform.  Now.  My children go to grocery stores and habitually hang out at institutions of education.


okjimm said...

oh gees..... I was just at a small forum where the statement was made that it is too easy for mentally unstable people to get guns..... and someone replied...

"Mentally challenged people may live in dangerous areas or may be subject to harassment. If they are not capable of knowing right from wrong, they belong in an institution, protected by staff.

Otherwise, if they are... responsible for themselves, then they are entitled to defend themselves and to make decisions about their own defense themselves.

If you want to make that decision for them, then you are accepting liability when they are injured by crimes as a result of the limitations you have placed upon them by your restrictions. And I don't see anyone rushing to assume that liability, just the decision part! Kind of one sided if you ask me."

Sherry Peyton said...

I will never understand how the NRA such a grip on this country to the point that everybody is scared to even mention the possibility of even the most obviously sane type of restrictions. It is insane, and I don't get it. Crime is lower than it's been in decades, and all these people do is scream about having no "self defense". You can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who exercise "self defense in a given year. Instead hundreds die from senseless violence in the hands of children and the crazy. (END OF RANT)

PENolan said...

I'm just sad too
and worried.

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