Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't smoke the flowers..... BUT.....

You can legally own a Machine Gun

It is a common mi that machine guns cannot be owned by law-abiding citizens. This comes from the creation of a variety of confusing laws that have made purchasing a fully automatic gun more difficult than purchasing a "normal" gun. But, you can comply with the law and own a machine gun. In May of 1986, new laws went into effect that made it illegal for civilians to own fully automatic firearms that were manufactured AFTER THAT DATE. Most fully automatic weapons manufactured and registered BEFORE MAY, 1986, may be owned by and sold to individuals. The full-auto guns that may be owned by individuals are called "transferable". A few states do not allow machine gun ownership at all, no matter when the gun was made, but most states do allow it when complying with federal requirements.   

ma gun

of course it is easier to buy guns in some places Like AZ 


Subject/Law Long guns Handguns Relevant Statutes Notes
State Permit to Purchase? No No None no
Firearm registration? Partial Partial ARS 13-3101 State law duplicates the registration requirements of the National Firearms Act.
"Assault weapon" law? No No None No
Owner license required? No No None No   



Distributorcap said...

and what is to stop someone from buying a gun in one state and driving over the border to another - NOTHING.

and what do ordinary citizens need with AK47s and Uzis - gunning down a lineup of crows or turkeys

or maybe gunning down commuters sitting in the Long Island Railroad


Sherry Peyton said...

Hey we are a really sane bunch aren't we? I suggest we all re-read the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. We aren't in danger of being over run by the hordes, we are the hordes!

Christopher said...

I wanted to throw a shoe through our Sony Bravia when I saw Gov. Jan the Klan Brewer on TV yesterday, sobbing and dabbing tears from her ancient face.

People like Jan the Klan Brewer and her BFF, Sarah Palin, lite the fuse the led to yesterday's tragedy.

The Tea Party loons and the Palin's army can try and spin this anyway they choose but, hate speech and violent-strewn political rhetoric is behind the carnage.

Liberality said...

This is one hell of a crazy country.

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