Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something Fishy

I have to be an honest person, and perhaps a bad son, but the truth of the matter is my mother was a bad cook.  Not BAD as in she burned the food or under-cooked it or did anything despicable with the family meals, it was just that all-in-all, our food  was never very interesting or exciting or original.  Her idea of seasoning was pepper and salt.  Exotic spice was a dash of paprika.  Hold it..... I mean she did make a GREAT Thanksgiving turkey &dressing, actually fabulous, and I will miss it this year, but that is just one day out of the year, see....  and her apple pie was to kill for!  &&& the Chocolate cookies were fantastic.....but again, as much as I would like it, a steady diet of cookies and pie is not really sustainable. Nope....she serve up just boiled potatoes and butter ... a salad was just a bit of shredded  lettuce, dump some bottled dressing on it.... and it's hard to screw up oatmeal or french toast. Breakfast was safe.

Ok... I got a point to make, and it isn't about bad mouthing my mother's cooking.  I'll get to it.
See, of all the bland  dishes my mother made, my favorite one to eat and hate was Tuna Casserole. Yupperz, and being a good Catholic family, we ate it every friday. (well, I must admit she would surprise us once in awhile with fish sticks and boxed macaroni&cheese, served with only the best bottled tartar sauce!)  Now, there are a lot of things you can do with a tuna casserole; add peas, cheese, beans, different noodles, onions, but none of that ever entered my mother's imagination.  Here's the recipe.  I have it memorized.  Two cans of cream of mushroom soup, a couple cans of tuna, elbow macaroni and a potato chip crust.  That 's it.  Oh, a little pepper, too.  Just boil the noodles, mix the soup with milk, combine with noodles top with chips and bake until reasonably firm. Serve with a side of applesauce.  98% OF ALL FRIDAYS!!!!!  I mean there were the fish sticks and occasionally Dad would pity us and take us out for fish at the VFW, but there never was grilled Halibut or baked Salmon or fried panfish....nope.....Tuna Casserole.
Now.... the thing of it was I played football on Friday's all through High School so Mom, being considerate, would make it early on football game days so I could have a healthy meal before the game.  I really didn't mind.  Like I said, I both liked it and hated it at the same time and some of our 'away' games were over an hour bus ride, so I usually scarfed up a bunch of it at four in the afternoon...with applesauce and then!!!!!! invariably puke it up sometime during the third quarter of the game.  By the time I was a Junior the manager would see me hacking with dry mouth and bring a bucket.  Sometimes I never made it off the field.  Once the other team was looking at third and long and I puked right before the snap. Mouth-guard out, right on my helmet bars. down my jersey.... their left guard wouldn't even block me and I sacked the quarter back for an eight yard loss. By the time I was a Senior that Tuna Casserole was legendary.  I came to look at it as a good luck charm, seeing as we only lost three games in three years.
It was honest, unlike this email I got from Sarah Palin's PAC

Dear Friends, (fuck off bitch)

Time is running out on SarahPAC's exclusive offering of Sarah Palin's soon to be released America by Heart. We are very happy to be able to extend our wonderful supporters this chance to get a signed copy of Gov. Palin's America by Heart for each gift of $100 or more.

Sarah's new book makes a great gift for the Christmas Season. With a signed copy of America by Heart, .......(yadda yadda bull shit bullshit)....
so please seize this opportunity while you can.

As with all donations these funds will be used .....( ya gimmee a break)  to support individual candidates around the country who passionately and consistently support...... (my daughter's TV career)  ......and those core principles.

We want to thank all of you for the wonderful support .......( ya, blow me!)
The conservative resurgence we witnessed earlier this month ....( is enough to gaqg a maggot)

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless America!

At least My Mom and her Tuna Casserole were honest. 
Sarah Palin stinks like oil-money drenched fish.


Ted said...


Governor Palin is a courageous person, no doubt. In view of her massive following, if she would simply, briefly, tweet about the upcoming case before the US Supreme Court next week, it would change the course of American history.

November 23, 2010 marks a fork in the road for the future of America of more than historic proportions — perhaps on par with events leading to the Civil War. To date, virtually all federal and state courts where actions have been brought seeking decision on the meaning of the Constitution’s Article 2 “natural born citizen” clause as a prerequisite for Barack Obama to be a lawful President and Commander in Chief of the United States (Mr. Obama having been born to a father of British/Kenyan nationality and father not a citizen of the United States), have been shut down, never getting beyond the issue of standing. To date, courts have very strategically (narrowly if not artfully) characterized and applied law and legal procedure steadfastly to prevent the question from ever rising to the merits — this on a host of different types and classes of plaintiffs, causes and defendants — admittedly under the most intensely implicit (if not more) pressure to do the same.

The national media (some say our 4th branch of government) has aided and abetted the avoidance by mischaracterizing this as a “Hawaii birth” a/k/a “birther” issue which is nothing more than a “red herring” in that the issue for Article 2 “natural born citizen” is Mr. Obama’s father. Moreover, the legal community has aided and abetted the avoidance by mischaracterizing the 1898 Supreme Court Case, Wong Kim Arc, which dealt with the meaning of “citizenship”, not the meaning of “natural born citizen” under Article 2.

November 23, 2010 may very well be the last chance for the Judicial Branch realistically to take up the issue, this on a case of legal standing solidly presented by Attorney Apuzzo and Commander Kerchner. If the Court finds no standing here, by a narrow interpretation of the same or otherwise, coming after all the rest of the “no standing” cases, it is doubtfull this important Constitutional issue can and will be resolved in any court of law. The question will nevertheless continue to fester, at tremendous national cost, never to abate, potentially to reach crisis stage, and in any event to undermine the structure of our Constitutional Republic.

It is more than chilling and says volumes that NOT ONE member of Congress will publicly speak on this or, better yet, since the Congress of the United States has more than a vested interest, opine if not as a “friend of the court” at the Supreme Court, in the court of public opinion — BEFORE the Supreme Court convenes on November 23, 2010.

The world is (should be) watching!

David Barber said...

Can't really comment, Jimm, but it seems the worlds governments are as bad as each other!

okjimm said...

Ted.... you ignorant piece of shit@!! you din't read my post or you never would have post that piece of crap cut and past!!!! My son's cat's kitty litter box has more common sense and courage than Sarah Pallid!!!

//she would simply, briefly, tweet about the upcoming case before the US Supreme Court//
EVERY SARAH says is brief and simple!!! & her idea of a Supreme Court is a really cool place to play Tennis!!!!!

Lissen, Ted, you dumb fuck....normally I would just delete a TBAG asshole comment like yours.......but my ankle is throbbing and I am two beers, two vidcodins into a Packer game and I am not feeling nice-nice..... next time you want to pass that bullshit off on me... meet me at Main&Irving in beautiful downtown Wisconsington and I will rip out your fucking liver and fry it with onions, you asshole!!!

Hi, David.... comment all you want! Next beer is for you, buddy!

sunshine said...

I HATE tuna casserole. Blah!
Friday nights at our house growing up (being good Catholic's as well) was fish as well. My Mum was a pretty good cook so I've got nothing to bitch about I guess....

So, should I conclude from your post that you will NOT be buying the new Sarah Palin book with a gift of $100.00 or more????
I thought you'd buy like...3 or something!


sunshine said...

BTW... when you described your tuna casserole puke in your helmet, I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
Satisfied?? :P

Sherry Peyton said...

My goodness,mygoodness Jimmy, see what you get for being a "wonderful supporter of Ms. P? A kookie nut like Ted. I been tellin' ya that it was a bad thing to hang around with terrorists.
I like tuna casserole just fine, make it every three years or so, and do like spices a lot. Come on over for Thanksgiving!

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Palin for being an ignorant slut that is making millions off the stupid rightwing nutters Jim. ;p

You are such a grand story-teller. I heart you dude!

Randal Graves said...

Cthulhu 2012!

Anonymous said...

funny! ROFLMAO! Loved your response to Ted! You go gettum, JImm!

okjimm said...

Sunshine..ah, sorry about the associative was a true story.

Sherry...every three years is good. I would love to come for dinner...but do I have to say 'grace' ;)

Dusty...Palin an ignorant slut? gees, you are being nice to her!

Randalz... nope...I'm writing you in...on the Birthday Party ticket...Cleveland is in the USA, right? Not Kenya?, Ted might be an alright guy....but I'm guessing he is an asshole off the tubes as well.

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