Friday, November 26, 2010

hodge podge

Not much of much..... the Thanksgimme holiday is over.... ate drank slept.  All is good. 
So I just have stupid random bits...... Lee, from Oshkosh Beer posted a great history on the history of Oblio's..... actually did a two part article on a great location that has been a tavern since 1874.  check it out.  He was also real kind to me and scanned a cartoon for me.

See, like I mentioned a few posts ago, I used to write small articles for the old college newspaper.  Mostly just short stuff.  I wrote one in which I was distressed about the price of coffee at the Student Union going from, get this,  a dime to twelve cents.  I rather ranted that we should just grind up students and brew them.  Well, it was sorta funny...... but the funny part was the illustration they ran with the article...... me looking into a coffee cup.....
.....  the guy in the cup was our editor at the college paper, dude named Scott Hassett, who just recently lost in his bid to be Attorney Generral of Wisconsin.  I knew him just a bit....and really would have thought him better suited to be a writer for National Lampoon than an attorney.

The Illustrator was a bit more interesting.  He was a great artist, loved comic books and lived just down the street from me one year.  He was a good friend of one of my roommates who was also a comic book junkie.  His name was Mark Gruenwald.... and he is now in the comic book hall of fame after being an editor for Marvel Comics. You can read more (here) from wikipedia.

He died from a heart ailment he didn't know he had.  Now, I didn't know Mark all that well..... but he was well thought of at the newspaper as a sweet guy.  He drew a comic strip for the paper that was extremely first rate.

The real deal, as far as I am concerned, is that when he died in 1996 they followed his last wishes....... his ashes were mixed with ink and used to illustrate a comic book.

I want to be mixed in hops and brewed.  I think it would be a funny, bitter beer.  There ar worse things.


Beach Bum said...

Can't be any worse than Keith Richards who I heard snorted the ashes of his dad.

susan said...

Fascinating friends, indeed.

Coming back as a strangely amusing bitter beer would suit you. Now I'm imagining mine being mixed in pancake batter with a shot of rat poison and fed to the world's banksters for breakfast.

Life As I Know It Now said...

After I drank your beer, I'd get a good beer buzz, no? :)

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