Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pornography & Turkey!!! A winning combination!

Yupperz...... in just a couple of days America is gonna descend in to an orgy of Porn!  Food Porn!
Yessirree, Bob!  We are gonna get a big one, and stuff it and shove it in our mouths until we cannot stand.  Then, maybe, have a cigarette and ask, "Was it good for you too, Dear?"
Now some may have duck, or ham or chicken, or venison or goose porn.....replete with taters, and cranberries, and squash, and wild rice and that stupid green bean casserole thingee, and pumpkin pie and apple pie or mince meat pie &jello salads& rolls& breads&&&&.....now, I am not disparaging a good meal, far from it, but it does bring to mind that there are starving folks out there and iffen you don't at least drop off a can of cramed corn at your local food pantry, well, gosh. shame on you!
Moi will just stumble down to the  Roxy and purchase my feast at a reasonable $10.95.  I get together with my family on Satzurdae  The Kid goes with her Mom to her family for the Holiday.  All in all it suits me fine.
Of course I do have my special dessert that I will indulge in while watching the hapless Detroit Lions lose to whom-ever.

.... and that works for me.  I have kinda fallen off the 'Holiday Wagon'  Expectations are way to high and I tend to be a little low key on events that involve spending shitloads of money I do not have
but at the same time hope everyone enjoys whatever event is planned. Really. Truly.

Just take some time to think about what you are really grateful for, what you are thankful for, and pick up the p;hone and call someone you love. If you are a churchy-person, say a prayer for peace& make a special plea to whatever God you worship for more kindness and understanding in the world.  If you have had a great meal... make sure you say thank to whoever made it.  Smile a little bit for someone, whistle a tune as you walk the street, wave to someone. Give creepy Aunt Agnes a hug.  Don't tell Uncle Bud he's an asshole when he farts in the middle of dinner. Tell someone there baby is cute even when it looks like Winston Churchill. Forgive your brother for being a jerk for the last thirty years  Aw, shucks  just be nice, OK?

Otherwise.. it's just food porn.

Don't get me wrong....... I like porn...check out my favorite magazine below

... and I will indulge! 
have a good Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


Border Explorer said...

Yum, I like that last pic. And, if you insist, I'll try to be nicer. Sending my best wishes across the continent. I'm grateful to know you.

Randal Graves said...

Be nice? Bah, the hippies lost!

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