Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie-Part Deux

OK. So they are shooting a Johnny Depp movie in town. The whole process was extremely interesting; I live only a block away and for a month it was like walking through a movie studio. I got rather chummy with some of the scenic designers and later during the actual filming spent a night drinking with some of the actors. But I never came close to Johnny Depp. My daughter did.

Now the town went kinda 'nuts' for all the movie stuff and downtown was swarming with Johnny Depp spotters and tourists. At times it did get weird. One night I called Miriam and she related that she got to meet Johnny Depp.

"Wowsers," I said.

"Yup! He shook my hand! And TALKED to me!", Miriam shouted in the phone.

"Oh, wow! Tell me about it!"

"Well, I was trying to get to my bank ATM, by the library, but they had the whole street blocked off because they had just finished shooting. I'm standing behind the barricade, the cop said it would only be a few minutes, so while I am waiting, Johnny Depp comes walking down the street shaking hands with people."

".. and he shook your hand?", I asked.

"Yup! And he looked right into my EYES and talked with me!!!!"

"What did he say?"

"He said my hand was cold. So he took my hand in BOTH of his and rubbed it to warm it up!"

"Oh Wowsers! I suppose you won't wash that hand for MONTHS, Miriam!"

"Are you kidding? Heck no! I saw how many other hands he was touching, and who knows where those hands have been..... and what those hands have been touching....I went home and washed my hands right away. I've been sick enough this last winter!"

My daughter has a brush with fame..... and she washes it away.


Randal Graves said...

Cleanliness is, after all, next to Deppliness.

Anonymous said...

Miriam is a very practical girl, isn't she?


Dean Wormer said...

That is a great story. All the women in my family will be jealous when I show them.

I thought Depp was shooting Alice in Wonderland now but that looks like a gangster movie. Maybe it's an Al Capone/ Alice in Wonderland crossover.

okjimm said...

Randal- Miriam-ness is extremely close to my soul! :) The kid is a peach!

Dcup--she is EXTREMELY practical, too!

Dean, I guess they have wrapped the Dillinger movie - it is in post production - and he is shooting Alice now. Course, you see, I am thinking of my own movie, Jimm in Wonderland. (I wonder where I will land?) ;)

susan said...

I wouldn't have washed my hands - at least for a little while. He's the sexiest movie star since Groucho in 'Duck Soup'.

Missy said...

Ah--she's got a wonderful head on her shoulders.

Hey dude, your feed isn't working. Check your settings. Or email blogger. I'm back to using reader again.

anita said...

very encounter indeed for miriam!!

and i would have washed my hands as well. johnny depp, while seriously hunky, is known for having some serious kinks!!

i kid, i kid.


Anonymous said...

Send her here to New York. She'd fit right in with the other New Yorkers who greet celebrities all the time with a big "ho hum." Although I'd probably make an exception for Johnny Depp. I might even buy him a beer at Gingerman's if he let me. But I'm with Miriam, I'd wash my hands, too. After all, shaking other people's hands is not the only activity his hands engage in. He eats. He drinks. He.... I'm just sayin...

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