Thursday, August 14, 2008


I read the Times today. Page 20.
John Kerry has started a website to track and disclaim smears against Democratic candidates.
"The liars are back.... (it is) time to finish them off."

John McCain, after repeatedly saying that he will not raise taxes, now says 'nothing is off the table'."
"I like pork, " the balding, senile candidate said.
" I'll stick pork in my face and pockets any old time!"

Meanwhile Presidential hopeful Barack Obama excites crowds that are extremely dissatisfied with the current administration and are grasping for any hope, from any quarter, from anyone.
Obama seems to be making all the right choices. Here he is seen in Wisconsin choosing the right doughnuts.

Another photo shows him making a deliberate and informed choice of beer.
Meanwhile......... John McCain also generates enthusiasm with his followers.

.... and is himself deeply engaged in spirited campaigning.
Lastly Cindy McCain is reportedly suffering from a strained right hand in a vain attempt to give the Senator a hand job.
"Takes a lot of effort to get that limp dick off," she was heard to explain. "Next time I will just have a Senate intern do it. Save me the grieve."


Randal Graves said...

Did you really have to write that last paragraph? After what UC just wrote at my place -

That pic of Cindy - WHOA! Looks feral. Quite the mean beak. She could prolly snag a prarie dog out the hole in one fell swoop. Yikes.

- I'm going to be having not only bizarre, but soul-shattering nightmares for weeks. Pass the donuts and booze.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Hey - where's the Obama and cheese pic? He was in Wisconsin after all. Howzabout one of those elitist cave aged cheddars?

That blonde chick has a heffeweissen and he has what appears to be an ale. Not elitist enough, compared to the non-existent cheese pic. I demand an explanation.

And just be glad I didn't demand a happy underpants pic.

There. I said it.

Anita said...

i'm obviously in the minority, but i think cindy mccain is kind of pretty. i know she's had a lot of work done ... but i wouldn't mind looking like that when i'm in my mid-fifties. just sayin'.

speaking of donuts, where's mine?

just askin'&stuff.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see that picture of the McCain "unrally" I wonder if the dude in the front wet his pants.

Please pass the creme filled bismarck and Belgium ale. Thanks.

Border Explorer said...

Top photo caption: McCain demonstrates his bondage proclivity.

Mary Ellen said...

I think I'll do some anti Michelle "For the first time I'm proud of America" Obama posts. Not that I'm a huge fan of McCain...but fair is fair, if you're going to go after Cindy, Michelle is fair game. Right?

okjimm said...

Doan know, ME, does Michelle do 'hand jobs'?

Bradda said...

Man Cindy is taking a beating in the blogs! I love it...

DivaJood said...

I kind of feel sorry for Cindy. I mean, look who she's married to.

Nah, she's rich. She could dump his ass.

Anonymous said...

okjimm...i wonder if McCain spit after he was done with that hotdog. He probably needed a nap after swallowing so many dogs, and it appears his supporters follow suit. And I love this picture of Obama holding the beer.

"When I President, the first round's on me!"

Diva... any response?

DivaJood said...

Spartz, I've already promised free beer, donuts and strawberries to everybody when I'm Prezilnut.

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