Friday, August 1, 2008

Have fun & Stuff

I'm done. It's been a long week..... I accomplished absolutely nothing. My project ends at the end of next week..... finished under budget, too.

And the next one for the client
( who is paying beacoup $$$$$$, for my humble talent- of which I see .0001%)
does not start until Sept. - which means I will either do nothing for about two weeks or do spot work for a different client ....which is almost like doing nothing. Now I could protest this obvious waste of my talent....

But that seems too much like work..... and would tarnish my reputation at work as the most creative slacker in the office.......
... and Tammie Sue did bring me a doughnut today..... which is awfully gosh darn nice thing for a receptionist to do if you ask me.... So I have decided to just forget about everything.......everything.
I heard that there is this really cool political rally with beer and cheese.....I should go ( I think it was my idea)

....but I am hoping that it is heavy on the beer and cheese and extremely light on the politics thingee.

After all, it has been proven that too much politics make people angry and then they engage in irrational mob behavior............which is not good.

A good weekend to all!!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I see me in that mob! Have a super weekend, my shit&whiskers friend.

Bradda said...

Angry Mob playset! "What are you doing in there Jimmy?"

"Burning Taco Bell's corporatew headquarters Mom!"

"Such a good little boy..."

DivaJood said...

Oh, I want that play set! Where did you find that? I love the guy with the grey jacket, yellow shirt, tie, beret, and moustache. He looks so French!

Have a great weekend, okjimm!

okjimm said... you can order the catalog on is really a hoot.

Bradda, Dcup..... have great weekend!!!! I have time for one more beer and then the kids and I are headed out for Thai food.

Anonymous said...

Hey...Have a great weekend Ok... or is thay OJ? Ah...whatever. Going to have a few frosties withe missus.

Steve Emery said...

I think the guy in the gray jacket is Inspector Clouseau, pretending to be part of an angry mob. Where did he get that rake?!

No on in that mob is skinny enough to be me (except my belly - that's bigger and might be in there somewhere - maybe wishing it were the one with the rolling pin...)

Mary Ellen said...

okjimm- You are a doll! I want to order the angry mob playset, too! I like the guy with the handlebar mustache.

Well, since you've told us that you won't be working much at work, that gives you plenty of time to work on our campaign.

susan said...

So do you play with those Cube things when it's slow at the office? I'm thinking of replacing Krazy Kat, Ignatz and Officah Pup.. well, maybe not but I found this by your favorite ee cummings

Have a great weekend and a beer for me.. We can campaign again soon.

I'm off to shop for an angry mob playset.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Have a drink on me. No, really. And have a great weekend too dude. I'd also say don't work too hard but I see you already have that covered ;)

Randal Graves said...

I have to third, fourth and fifth the "I want the angry mob." That's the coolest thing since someone took a loaf of bread and chopped it up.

Do we have to campaign? That's too much like work!

Everyone enjoy their goddamn weekend, you commie pinkos!

Mary Ellen said...

I'll bet you're out riding your bike right now, jimm. See if you can ride over here to clean my swimming pool for me, I'm stalling and don't want to do it myself. I need one of the sexy pool guys to come and do this for me.

Hell...I'm going, I'm going. This is my last comment for the day. :-( Later, kiddo.

Blank said...

I want an angry mob playset! I bet they could go head to head against the Jedi's clone troopers.

Freida Bee said...

Ok Jimm, You must send me your address, so that I can send you a gift from for showing me the future source of every single cheap gift I will ever give for the rest of my days.

My teenage daughters will be receiving this.

Mother's Day... here Mom.

Randal's getting this.

DCup's getting this.

This will go on my wish list extraordinaire for back to school.

Well hell, I'm gonna have to make my own post about this.

Anijo said...

Yep, politics makes people angry. I've already resigned myself to John McCain being the next president. The latest polls show Obama and McCain in a dead heat. Most polls show that Americans trust McCain more than Obama. When McCain wins the election, I shall expect no one to complain about it.

I guess I shall just forget about it and enjoy my life. No big deal. Who cares who is our next president, huh? If John Kerry had won the election instead of GWB, no big deal, no difference... What the hell..

Anijo said...

From 1969 to 1977 we had Republican presidents, Nixon and Ford, for a total of eight years.

Then we had Carter for four years.

Then we had a Republican president, Reagan, for the next eight years.

And then we had another Republican president, George Herbert Walker Bush for four years.

Then we had Clinton for eight years.

And now GWB for for eight years.

So for the last 39 years, Republicans have held the presidency for 28 of those years and Democrats for 12 of those years.

Anyone know how this has affected the Supreme Court and how this might affect our laws in the future after McCain wins the nomination?

Any ideas?

anita said...

on time and UNDER budget !! hey, in my world that only happens when there's lots of payolla goin' around to *make it happen* ... it's on the change orders that the big bucks are made.

hmmm ... i have a feeling we may not be working in the same 'industry.'

anyway, enjoy your bikeride&stufflikethat. and try to keep the angry mobs at bay. that guy with the pitchfork kinda scares me. but then the guy with the axe doesn't make me feel all warm&fuzzy either!

Distributorcap said...

jim... i want to come to wisconsin and have real beer and cheese

Mary Ellen said...

Hey, I'm not so sure the woman with the rolling pin is part of the angry mob. She might have gotten caught up in the whole thing while she was making a pie or something. It kinda looks like she's gonna smack the lady standing in front of her with it. Hmmm....there may be more to the story of this angry mob than you think. ;-)

okjimm said...

Wowsers..... &stuff... I'm glad everyone liked the mob set..... McPhee stuff has been a favorite around our house since.... a long time ago.

freida B.... you owe me nuttin....making me smile works big time....

Susan.... thanks for the cummings link..... hadn't read that one...

D'cap....we will certainly make sure that there is cheese and beer anytime you come by.... I'm guessing you would find something here that even Wisconsinites doan know about....

JO....McCain will not will....Obama will make him shit his Depends in the first debate.

Anita.... many good bike rides this weekend.... I have this big note taped to the bathroom mirror....WINTER..... motivates me to get my butt out of the house as much as possible when the weather is good.

Unknown said...

"Most creative slacker in the office"- I second that! ;)

Anonymous said...

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