Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Oblio's Lounge
434 N. Main St.
Oshkosh Wisconsin

OK. Most everything that I write on this silly blog is stuff that jumps into my vacuous head at random moments. I am a nice guy, but not necessarily a smart one. Shit&stuff, I could not even come up with a name for this blog and had to fall back on one that Randal coined for me. (by the way, buddy, did I ever say thanks?)

So here's the deal..... I opened a post this morning and there was a comment from the esteemed consort of DCUP, Mathman. It seems that he had a relative who resided in Oshkosh. Now I did not grow up here, my parents did, but I have lived here now for over thirty years and from the general area that he described, his Aunt lived about three-four blocks from where my Uncle and Aunt lived. In and of itself, no big deal. But it brought to my empty head that there is one thing Americans do that I really love. We seek connectivity with each other. I believe that.

Spartacus made mention of a somewhat similar situation on his blog.... of someone who may be of a mutual acquaintance to both of us.


So I am sucking coffee this morning and trying to think of something witty to write about the promise I made to have a Jood For Prezidint rally and provide free cheese and beer. Get out the vote etc. and I realized that the whole deal with Jood and Nunly and the campaign on the blogs is about connectivity. That we are Americans who are sick and tired of being splintered, fractured and torn apart. It has gotten so bad, our asundered society, that even those who try to aspire to unity are ridiculed. Some are trying to put it back together. The blog thingee is just how some are trying to do it.

I really do think America is a great place. Every race, heritage, religion, hair color, bra size, philosophy, recipe, underwear type, yadda&stuff is represented here. It is not a perfect society...never will be... but Americans do fix things when they are broken. And like my father used to tell me, "kid, you broke it, you fix it!" OK. America needs some fixing. America needs to connect with itself again.

To further those goals I am offering


& Cheese CURDS

& pop corrn

& pithy witticisms

&stuff ..................................... *& STRAWBERRIES!*

Friday August 1st at Oblios.

Bring your pencils


*from 6pm until 7pm. offer good only to legal-age adults wearing a Jood/Nunly button or t-shirt


Randal Graves said...

That means I've got a shade over 24 hours to get a Jood/Nunly shirt made and drive up. Lucky I'm not that far!

You're right about the connectivity. Look, we're all over the damn country, we all have different occupations, we're all different ages, singles, old marrieds, young marrieds, divorced types, beer aficionados, wine connoisseurs, paper airplane enthusiasts, bugcatchers, holy rollers, personality cultists, layabouts. We may not want to connect to 'society' as it is, all garish and saturated with shiny sprinkles and those crumbled-up cookie things, but we gotta connect to something. Otherwise, we'd be all hermity in a basement. Although my basement IS nice and cool during this humidity.

And no need to thank me for the name, you paid that back by having a groovy blog, my man.

Mary Ellen said...

Wow, Randal! That was very deep! (I know, if you only had a nickel for every girl that's told you that..).

He's right, though, jimm. You have such a cool blog, I love it. That's one of my favorite things about the small blogs, they're so creative and different from each other--and yet they are similar in that we are all making personal connections that form a great network of friends. Even if we don't see each other personally, it's like we're part of a family (albeit, an occasional dysfunctional family).

Hey, I would love nothing more than to meet up at Oblio's on Friday, but I'll be busy most of the day and the weekend getting ready for my kids to arrive for a visit...not to mention, I don't think I have the $150 to pay for the gas to get me there. ;-)

Oh...and Randal hit on something. We need someone with photoshop who can make up a campaign pin for us.

Randal Graves said...

Yeah, I'd now have one nickel.

That's why I love the smallest blogs the best. Sure, the giant ones are fine for grabbing news because that's all they do, scour the tubes for stuff, but the little guys and gals are where the interesting poop is, especially since it's not ALL politics. That stuff is fucking poison.

Okay, who among us has photoshop skills? Or even photoshop?

Mary Ellen said... blog isn't covering much of the politics scene, but I think I sunk to a new low by writing about dog testicles today.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I don't have photoshop (or skills!). I need someone to teach me that too. Hey, I like hanging with you all too. Gives me hope for America you all do. I have class on Friday so I can't make it but when I get home I'll have a glass of wine and toast you all having such a great time up there.

okjimm said... are spot on

'we gotta connect to something.'

...or not only do we become hermity, but we become sterile, lifeless, dull, insipid and run the risk of becoming Republicans.

ME...dysfunctional family.... someone once said all families, by nature, are is just a matter of degrees. I think it was my asshole brother, the jerk!!

Oh, by the by, ME...I love dog testicles.... deep fried with mustard.

Ok, scratch Randal & Nunly....more beer for me!

Libs, well if you can't make it, that is just one less bottle of Ripple that I have to buy ;)

Damn, I forgot that my daughter does all that photo-shop shit &stuff!! She designed a couple of T-shirts when she was in High School.... gees I'll have to ask her (after I bribe her) to see if she can come up with something....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, man. You're right. I think about this group of bloggers as a community and I love it. I started blogging out of a sense of frustration with the way things were going, but also because I love to write and I need a place to be creative. I'm glad we've all stumbled upon each other.

Maybe someday MathMan and I will head up that way. Don't tell him, but I miss those Northwoods vacations a little.

You keep blogging and handing out cheese curds and beer. I'm going to learn how to make really good jelly donuts.

And I'll ask The Actor to work on that Photoshopped campaign button. He was jealous when I asked The Dancer to do the McCain's World project.

Bradda said...

I can almost smell the cheese curds from L.A.! Normally I'd knock over an old man(McCain?) but I live too far away. Maybe I can sell a kidney...

DivaJood said...

I have to admit that our opponent, Dr. Zaius, did a fantastic photoshop of me in front of the White House with the Secretary Of Strawberries and Cream.

Big blogs scare me. I never read Huff Post; Daily Kos is just too contentious for words - it's the small ones, where you actually get to know the person a little bit - it's like having pen-pals only faster.

Oblio's sounds terrific, we need a good blog bumper sticker, and cheese curds sound ideal. But will there be chocolate cake?

susan said...

I wish I could photoshop - well, really no, I don't ever want to do it myself since I HATE TECH.. well, that's not true either. I like some of what other people do but when I got photoshop Elements with my scanner I was ready within minutes to throw the whole kit&kaboodle out the window. Give me a nice piece of paper and a pencil and I'm happy for hours. I might not be good at it but I'm cool with it.

I haven't even been blogging for a year yet but the experience has been a profound one. Small blogs - big brains - mucho talent - great hearts. Happy to call you friends.

Anonymous said...

Ya know okjimm..I swear this offer of free beer is like teasing the chimps in the zoo by dangling bananas at the bars and pulling back. Just ONE HOUR? What are you a Dr. Z. operative?

Seriously, the going elbow-to-elbow with you at a bar with a pint of Dogfish 60 minute IPA is the tonic I need. Man you hit the nail on the head with this post on the effect blogging has had on our lives. How else would I have melt such wonderful people and exchanged both great and ridiculous ideas?

So, I will attempt to join your happy (one) hour tomorrow with my Jood/Nunley shirt. But if I can't make it will a rain check in Chicago suffice? I will be there for a training class from 8/24-27. First round's on me.... :^)

Anijo said...

Good thing that someone can connect the damn dots!

Anijo said...

Oh shit. It's clear that John McCain will be the next president of the U.S. Even liberals hate Obama...

oh shit... how depressing..

anita said...

wow, i wish i had checked in earlier, not sure if my little subaru can make it in time!!

but seriously, i have been giving this idea of community a lot of thought lately. in fact, i had also just happened to be reading something about jane addams (who started the hull house settlement in chicago).

to make a long story short, i was thinking about how these various things i'd read and thought about were implying that we ARE (or BECOME) human as a FUNCTION OF our interractions with other human beings. i know that sounds really obvious, but for me it was a pretty profound little piece of news off the wires because, frankly, i've recently taken it upon myself to become the "happy (not)" recluse because the pretty massive amount of pain that had accumulated over years in other parts of my life had become unbearable. what i'm discovering, or at least beginning to allow myself to discover, that retreating from the world of people does not make you any better or happier or superior, rather it just kind of makes you more dead inside.

anyway, i could go on with writing what i've been reading and discovering, but since this is an eggroll emporium &etc&stuff i'll just leave it at that. and wowzers i didn't mean to depress the eggroll eaters and cheese curd consumers and weiner wino's &stuff&soforth.

geeeeeeezumwhiskers!! it's time for me to drink my tea!!!

PS .. great name randal. i did not know that about you!! so, you deserve the PULL.IT.ZHER PRIZE in the area of Small Blog-Naming!!!

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, there are few things worse in life than becoming a Republican. Cannibal Republican would be one, I suppose.

diva, penpals, that sounds about right!

anajo, we may not like him all that much, but the alternative is FAR worse!

hey, this isn't my blog!

anita, to play devil's advocate, retreating now and then isn't all that bad. Quite enjoyable in fact, you bastards. But I think this connection is like a tonic. We're still part of some kind of group of humans, even if it's fleeting. Just so we know it's still there.

Okay, start outsourcing the photoshop!

okjimm said...

Bradda....hold on to your kidney.... having two helps drink more beer.

Yuppers, Susan...

/Small blogs - big brains - mucho talent - great hearts./

.. and don't forget great beer in big glasses with mucho flavor ;)

Nope, no chocolate cake, Ms Prezidint elect.... but they may have a bag of chips behind the bar.

Spartz.... I will have to check with my parole officer. I don't know if I am allowed out of state. Something about that ankle bracelet thingee.

Jo....McCain can't. Don't worry about it.

Anita.... you can connect here &there & everywhere...whenever you like. Because we like you. :)

Ya, ain't your's an eggroll emporium..... y'all write as much as you want....(like I could stop you anyways?) ;)

Mary Ellen said...

Okjimm- did you talk to your daughter about designing that campaign button for us yet? Tell her to make sure it's sells. ;-)

I'm sad...I want to go to Oblio's and get free beer tonight. :-(

DivaJood said...

Oh, and okjimm? My Cubbies SWEPT the Brewers. I'm just saying because I'm thrilled about it.

okjimm said...

ME....nope, not yet. She's been working two jobs this week; managing a burger stand at the airshow and her regular job..... I won't get to see her until sunday night....

Ms Jood.....Cubs-Brewers.... I really don't care about baseball (unless it's to give ME a bad time about the Sox) The Cubs have a BIG following in Eastern WI....seriously..... I probably know more Cub fans than Brewers. When the Braves left Milwaukee years ago.... folks followed the NL by listening/watching WGN. So, Go CUBS! (just to piss ME off)

Anonymous said...

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