Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Guys

From: John
Subject: Guy's Cottage Weekend

Let’s do a bit of planning for this weekend:
Please bring a sleeping bag/pillow and towel….Monica would love you for it. To make things easy, why not have everyone bring their favorite beer….and we can share whatever is cold.

1. When can you arrive Friday night? The earlier the better.
2. Do you want to go out for dinner both nights? We will definitely grill out at least once.
3. Any interest in rafting down the Wolf river? If the weather if nice could be fun. Or maybe a little hiking in the National forest? In any case BRING YOUR SWIMSUIT!
4. Ray….bring along some of your bass rods/tackle.

I am assuming that Tim, Jim and I will be driving together. I’ll send directions to Ray and Rosey….pretty easy to get there. I don’t mind doing the grocery shopping…..we can all split the $$$ with no surcharge for my efforts! Tim…please take the lead coordinating with Jim. Any other thoughts/questions?


From: Tim

RE: Guy's Cottage Weekend

First of all, thanks for the "no surcharge", Generous Johnny at his finest.

Jim says he works till 4:30 on Friday, but can leave earlier. I can leave at 3:00. He said Rosie probably can't get on the road till 4:00, so we'll have to get started w/o him.

I'd vote for a Man's cookout at least one night. Big slab of red meat, too many onions, etc.

I was going to bring the kayaks if I can fit them in the van. You didn't ask me to bring any extra fishing equipment, why? Bring golf clubs?

I'll look for beer, I think there is a sale on 6 packs somewhere. Maybe some old fashions, mojohito's?


We've known each other for twenty years, some of us pushing thirty. We have golfed, rafted, traveled to ball games, skied (not me!) went on trips, camping...been in each other's weddings...worked together, went to school together....... and surprisingly, still hang out. Things are a little more sedate these days. Good thing.

We were sort of a wild bunch. Almost tribal. Most of us were taxi drivers and room mates in college. Some of the things we did still scare me...... and some of it was so much fun I would do it again in half a heart beat.
Tim and Kid Curryand I stealing a fire truck and driving it in the Pecatonica Canoe Days parade. Rosie and I getting totally fucking lost in New Orleans,wandering into a bar and drinking with Jimmy Buffet. High diving at quarries. 'Body-Sledding' down toboggan runs wrapped only in garbage bags. Going down the Shotgun Eddy Falls in that beat-up raft ( I only had ten stitches and Pete had the cast off his arm by the end of summer). There were other things, too, but I think the statue of limitations has expired on most of them.
I still love those guys. We are a little more sedate these days. Somewhat. Maybe.


Mary Ellen said...

Geez, kiddo. I'm a little jealous. My weekend looks like it's gonna suck. Drink a beer or two or three for me, ok? I mean it..when you drink that beer, ya gotta say "This one's for Nunly!"

Have fun and bring your camera, we want pictures on the next post.

susan said...

If a certain amount of time related debilitation didn't occur a number of us would be too dangerous to be allowed outside.

Have a good time and have one for me too.

Randal Graves said...

All you people are insane hedonistic beer-swilling grillers of men. So yeah, have one for me as well, ya lunatic.

Scarlet W. Blue said...

Sounds like fun. Like ME, I'm envious. My weekend doesn't look near as good.

Mary Ellen said...

Wait a what you're telling us is that you're gonna be a slacker and we won't see anymore posts up until next week, right?


Where's two crows? It's payback time, buddy!

okjimm said...

Ok. One for ME, one for Randal, one for Susan, one Scarlet.... hmmmmmmm I better get another six pack.

ME, party alla ya like, but would you do the dishes and vaccum while you are here? I could use the help and I know what a tidy Nun you are. ;)

DivaJood said...

Since I long ago exceeded my allotment of alcoholic consumption, you don't need to have one for me. But that photo of the boat - now THAT is one gorgeous image.

Anajo said...

You're probably back from your little mini vacation. So how was it?

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