Friday, April 26, 2013

Might have been the weather, or something I ate....but...

...but I got the blues. The Bluest Blues.... the rocks in my shoes and holes in my socks blues.  I feel like my dog just died, and I ain't got a dog.  If I had a canary, it wouldn't sing...which is no never mind cause I couldn't afford to feed it anyways.

Now, mostly I could say it was the weather.  The weather has been flat out nasty.  Unchangingly.  If it hasn't been snow, it's been cold.  If it was cold, it was raining.  And then it was cold, snowing, raining, sleeting,  only good thing about the weather is it kept the birdw perched in the trees, otherwise I am sure I would have bird shit on my should as well as the whole weight of everything else.
Now there just isn't any getting into what is really bothering me, that would be boring as well as redundant.  I hate redundancy.  I really hate redundancy.  Redundancy is just the same old shit over and over and over and over.

But.... I have a cure.  Or at least a temporary antidote.  I call Boy Wonder.  Or, as most call him, Max.

Now the thing is, these days, is you never know where he is.  Nominally, I could say he is in Austin, TX, but he really hasn't been there since he has been there.
See, he was in Los Angeles and before that, Portland...but he wasn't finding the work he wanted to do...which is sound editing, which just didn't happen.  So he got a call from some buddies that have found film/video production work in Texas....and off he went.  And as soon as he got there.... off he went.  First it was to El Paso...and I got a nice text message and a phone call.  Then a quick note....New Orleans.  Seems he has hooked up with a TV crew that is filming some kind of reality TV show and they travel across the US ...well filming.  And I get these notes.  "found this great bar in Salinas" " Just got into Oakland, flying back to Texas tomorrow" " Had some good BBQ outside of Memphis"  And Chattanoga. Daytona, Atlanta. Richmond.  Orlando.  Yesterday he was flying into Iowa.  "Where?" I said.  " Not sure, lemmee go look at the ticket."  Now I do not know all the incidentals about this gig, other than what he will tell me and he said he can't tell me much cause he signed a confidentiality thingee, but it will air on A&E in October and he is getting paid.  I guess that works.  plus...the photo's he sends from time to time are funny.
Now, there is nothing like a phone call from the Kid to chase the blues away.  He always has been amusing.....

When he was in college he help produce a 'college sit-com' on the U's tv channel.  They called it, "Casual Socks". Now as TV show's go, it will never be classic and it won no
Emmy's, but it was amusing.  I even got to be an 'Extra' in some shots.  One thing they did on the show, though, that I thought was really funny was the 'Where's Waldo" blanket.  During production he had gone to his mother's house and resurrected his childhood bed blanket.  Every week it would show up in a scene on the show.  It would be on a chair, or someone would be sitting next to it.  I remember on scene where a character was getting a beer from the Fridge and there it was, right next to the Miller Lite.  Like I was a college show.  But I would watch it on the local cable channel pretty religiously just to see if I could find the Waldo blanket.

Ya know, if I recall correctly, Max never was very good at finding Waldo when we would look for him in those books.  He always seemed to get distracted by all the other things in the pictures.  It could amuse him for hours.  I think he still has that blanket stashed somewhere.

Ain't no never mind, see, it is what it is..... but these days, when the blues hit me.... I just have to close my eyes and think of Where's Bubba.

I taught him well.  I am sure  he is still finiding a good cold beer  at the end of the day....wherever he is.


Tom Harper said...

After reading the first two paragraphs, Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Couldn't Stand the Weather" started echoing in my head.

Sherry Peyton said...

Well, quite a tale! You boy was only 40 some miles from me at one point--El Paso. lol...Hope the weather improves. I'm not chortling...Not never.

okjimm said...

Tom..... it has been the most dismal spring in my memory. No variance in weather...just crappy. Today we hit 65 for the first time.

Sherry... I think he has passed through Las Cruces twice now. I am still unsure of the nature of this gig, but the pay is pretty decdent. He thinks he will have enough frequent flier miles to make a trip home for free. Last word....Nashville headed to NCentral FL.

susan said...

Not necessarily happy but still able to feel satisfied. Sometimes that's enough. He's a very good kid.

Larry said...

Think the weather's bad now? Wait until all of that ice north of you starts melting and washes over Minnesota, making it one big lake rather than the land of 10,000 ponds

Randal Graves said...

You need to get a guitar. There's a budding bluesman hanging amongst ye innards.

okjimm said...

Susan... he is a very good kid....who always gets a bad haircut.

Larry.... Flood risk has diminished over the last week. Course, Minnesota is always at risk...mostly from the Vikings.
Randal...bluesman hanging in my innards....yupperz.....but if I eat enough oatmeal I should be able to clear it up

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