Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Say, who was that VP candidate anywayz?

Well, gees.  I am not the artiest guy around, nor do I claim to be.

And.... I am not much of a poet....though at random moments, I try to be.

With that in mind.... I offer, with no apologies, an ode to Sarah Palin... the best goddam ex-VP candidate who ever quit public office..... cause it was "gosh too much work."

I call it "an ode to an Ex-Governor"

There once was a young lass from Poughkeepsie
Who sang and danced and drank like a Gypsy
The words she sang were perverse
The steps never would she rehearse
And always she said, “Sailor do you miss me?”

But one moonlit night in Duluth
She imbibed copious amounts of Vermouth
“I miss the olives and gin
To complete my sin”
And all agreed she spoke the truth.

See, she had screwed her way from here to Manila
Every sailor, every ship in all the flotilla
“But my honor is noble and intact
though I make a honest  living on my back
unlike that dumb whore from Wasilla”


Sherry Peyton said...

what can I say except that its a masterpiece. Truly a moment of pure genuis my friend. The lousy weather your way is inspiring you!

okjimm said...

oh no, Sherry.... the weather has finally turned excellent....80 degrees today!!!!! frantically llokng for a pair of shorts...White legs Ahoy! Glad you liked my effort. Finding a rhyme for Poughkepsie is not easy.

susan said...

Definitely a good one but I still can't help but think that if the two of them had won that election the whole country might (possibly, maybe, perhaps) have risen up en masse. Then again, likely not.

Larry said...

I think there may be a place fer ye in the limerick hall of fame my friend.

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