Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stuff&Such &Facts, 2

Oh, gosh, don't have much is the nothingness thing again.. Just random thoughts... oh! I have one of those neat battery jobees on the wall...a "Random Detector'.  It beeps if there is too much random gas in the room...and then I run away to somewhere else less random.

So anyways, I was reading Sherry's blog  which is a nice place, and she had written this thing about Reid being a jerk and the bun bill, ah, gun bill  ....well, just go read it...anyways this troll is chiming in and stuff and he says a particular Democratic Politician
 was the "most responsible party of losing S. Vietnam to the Communists."  Now that made me chuckle.  As if it was ours to lose. break me up. It was funny. I love the way wing-nuts think.

Little known fact about jimm.  I always put my left shoe on first. Yup. Left sock, left shoe...then repeat for the right side. When I first noticed this I thought it was because I was a Liberal, but then I realized it was because, well, gee,  what if the Random Gas detector went off,beep-beep-beep,  real sudden like, and it was a snowstorm outside and I had to flee my domicile quickly, why gosh, I would have at least one sock and shoe on when I bounce around out in the blizzard! And I do hop better on my left foot.  Congenital flaw, I'm thinking.

Anyways.  Then I was over at Squatlo's Blog and he had posted a nice crips bit about the hypokazy, hipocrok, shameless hucksterism of Pat Robertson who says 'gimmee jimmee' no matter how broke you happen to be, cause well, shit&bisquits, "I'm Pat Robertson and I have a limo driver to pay, expensive ties and clothes, to buy, and the Lord's Work ain't cheap.  Ha! and then good old Squats found another clip of Pat counseling his flock to be wary of "Religious Shams. Of Con Artists with bibles.  Hey, you can't make this stuff up!

You know, I gotta tell you, I tried a rutabaga last week.  Just marched right on into the grocery store and picked one of those ugly suckers up! Peeling a rutabaga isn't anywhere as hard as I thought.  I mean, at first glimpse, peeling a rutabaga looks like it could be tough. Naw, it was a snap. I like my rutabaga with a little salt and butter.  Goooood rutabaga.  I do believe I will buy another rutabaga. I think I have developed l lking for the word rutabaga. Say, did you know that rutabagas are from Rutabagastan. Capital is Rutabaghdad. The country next door is Turnipistan. That's where turnips  come from.    Amazing, ha!  Can't make this stuff up.

Well I was in between basketball games and I wandered over to Randal Graves blog and he had asked the rhetorical question, " if a tree falls and there is no one around to ignore it, does it still talk with itself?"  Now the mystery of life itself could hinge on this answer so I highly recommend y'all head over there and leave old Randal with some answers.

Going to make some Jello tonight.  Lemon Jello.  Jello originated in Jellopia, by the way. Little country outside of Sweden. You can't make this stuff up!
Anyways. The way I make it is,see, I don't add that cold water part of the recipe.  Nope.  Just mix in a can of crushed pineapple and a little lemonade.  You know lemonade originally came from Lemonolia.  Some desert country.  Not sure.  Better go look it up.  Just the facts, see.  And I am still not sure why Random Gas is dangerous and must be detected!


Anonymous said...
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Sherry Peyton said...

dang, one of your posts slipped through the crack. NOT MINE! Well, I hopes the weather improves quickly since I don't want you drifting into fall before you've even seen summer. Best to ya. Are you hunting easter eggs this year? I hear the bar you frequent hid them all over. better go check.

Tom Harper said...

I must respectfully correct one of your points. There's no such country as Jellopia. Jello originated in Biafra.

susan said...

I discovered that Jello will still jell if you mix it up with equal parts raspberries and sherry. Crow says if I try the idea with brandy he'll still eat the results even if it doesn't jell.

ps: Now that I have all the other helpful info perhaps you can tell me where to find the mo that the hair comes from.

Randal Graves said...

Dude, don't send people to my place, all they're gonna get is metal.

You have Jello?

Life As I Know It Now said...

Tom Harper is right and long live Jello Biafra! :)

okjimm said...

Sherry...what is that summer thing you speak of?

Tom...there really is a Jellopia...Biafra is just the capital.

Susan...never mix jello with booze. Some mescaline, yes.
PS The hair lives with Santa when he is not delivering candy and eggs.

Randal...of gosh, just post more Partridge Family is all. And yes, I gotz jello. Stocked up. Thought it might be hard to get during the Sequestration. Say, didn't Romney's with participate in some kind of Sequestrian event?, Tom is wrong. There really is a country called Jellopia. It has it's own Dollywood, too!

Nunly said...

I thought lemonade came from Lemon Pledge. Are you telling me now that I shouldn't be spraying that stuff on my desserts?

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