Monday, March 18, 2013

A little carry out Chinese

Golly....winter has been offensive this year.  March is starting to act like the asshole guest at the dinner party who does not know how to leave!! Disgustifacating, if you ask me!But no one really asks me,, which is a good thing, if you ask me....
It was a good St. Patrick's Day....which was really Sunday, but here in beautiful downtown Wisco the local populace decided a Saturday would work so much nicer for a party, giving all involved a whole extra day to sober up before needing to be at work.  At six-thirty our town had it's first St. Partick's day parade. Extreme efforts were made to make the parade a success including making the parade only two blocks long. Now that was a stroke of genius.  It started down by the sundial across from the New Moon and ended a the empty car lot down by the Roxy where beer tents had been erected.  I always thought it bespoke well of the citizens of Wisconsin that they were not only hardier to drink cold beer outdoors in a tent when the temp is only 28 degrees, but just stupid enough to relish the opportunity.  I sat in at Oblio's with Basketball Joe and Baseball Ed.  Schultzy had some corned beef and cabbage flown in from the north side.  Nothing but the finest, course, it is hard to screw up a dish that is mostly boiled food.  The place filled early.  By 5:30 the place was fpacked with semi-inebriated young men and women; one of the latter very intent on declaring that I was Geraldo Rivera, so much so that she asked if I would autograph her boob.   I did explain that I really wasn't Geraldo, and she replied that she really didn't care

 "Erin go bragh. Nice tits. Geraldo." is what I wrote with the sharpie pen, though now that I think of it, that was an  error, using the plural, as she only pulled out one and, to be honest, only 75% of that one.  I should not complain.  I have not seen a 25 year old boob in some time, let along sign one.  Ed thought it fun and it did add a little frivolity to the happening.

It still is the same old winter, though, and I grieve for the absence of all the other young flowering boobs, ah, buds of springtime.

 I  haven't seen a recent photo of Rivera.   I think I should find out if I can look more like him especially if the offers are that good.  Many years ago someone strongly remarked to me that I looked strongly like the Country & Western singer, Eddie Rabbit.  Now I really don't know what he looks like, and will never look him up to find out, but gees  Eddie Rabbit.  Maybe looking like Geraldo isn't so bad.
Ah, it is snowing again.  Three inches expected.  I am so gleeful with the news that I darn near died.

well this hasn't been much.  It still might be more than my last post, which was about nothing.  I leave you with a passion pasta poem....and ode to spaghetti

her hair was like well boiled spaghetti
her eyes deep and rich red like a sauce
immediately!  I was in love already
I just wondered how much she cost

her meatballs were large and well breaded
a little Parmesan stuck on her lip
"Fifty bucks, " she said, "if youse intended"
and smacked herself wetly on a hip

now, sometimes my breadstick thinks for me 
and sometimes I make it behave
but I envisioned her passion like a hot garlic sea,
amongst her Amber Grain I would wave

ok...that is not worth finishing and I really have an urge for Chinese anyway.


Larry said...

God love the Irish

Larry said...

... except for Bill O'Reilly

okjimm said...

Bill O'Reilly is not really Irish, Larry.... he just uses that name. His real name is Bill, O'Shit.

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