Monday, November 7, 2011

Neature Walk


hat tip to
Wonder Girl.... this is great!  Have a good monday


Christopher said...


He's a cross 'tween Ross from the Tonight Show and Susan Boyle.

I love nature and shit but after watching this vid, I think I'll stay in the city, thank you very much.

Beach Bum said...


Back when I was stationed in Colorado I heard stories that mountain lions had begun stalking all the yuppy joggers running along the trails that just a few years before had been wilderness areas. Its a wonder more people like that did not end up dinner for a over sized house cat.

Anonymous said...

I was strangely drawn to him and his husky, manly manner. I also wished he had been attacked by a wild animal - a badger, perhaps. That would have been neat.

Larry said...

I can't believe I sat here and watched the entire clip.

Alecto said...

@Larry, I watched the entire clip on the edge of my seat waiting for Honey Badger but he never came! Oh well, maybe next time.

susan said...

There are good reasons for keeping people locked up in cities.

okjimm said...

Christopher...I thought it was pretty NEAT too.

SDS..A very compelling story of a Boy and his Neature.. almost made me weep ;)

BB I keep going to Oblio's ...hoping a cougar will stalk me!

Larry... just goes to show what good taste you have!

Alecto... I used to have a honey who badgered me...does that count. can take a boy outa the city... but you can never take the city outa the boy

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