Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sherry , from Feather Adrift has laid this thingee on me.... A "Stylish Blogg'er" award...
which is kinda funny 'cause I only go to the stylist about twice a year and the only style I truly embrace is "No-Style" at-all, though back in the day I embraced more than a few Old Styles.

Ha! but get this!  The award comes with RULES!!  Well, Shit&Whiskers, if that don't top it all. cause not only do I have no-style at-all, I gotz no-taste at-all, no-brains at-all, no-money, at-all, no-morals at-all and  no-ethics at -all!  Well, sheesh, that just goes to what a no-it-all I am and I certainly do not hold no truck with no rules-at-all!!

Well, anyways, I'm going to be nice and presume that Sherry made a semantic error and meant 'request'.  Requests are nice . I can live with that.

The first rul...request is that I reveal seven little know facts about me......which could be tough as I usually find a dozen things a day I do not know about me.  I am a mystery to Me as it were.  But I'll give it a shot.

1)I have never eaten a prune. Ever.  Do not plan on it either.  I will be one soon enough, thank you very much.

2) I am 54 years old... wait, that was last year... or maybe the year before that.  Where's that wallet.... see I told you this could be tough.

3) I have  thought of becoming bi-lingual..... but then realize I like women too much and it is too late to change.

4) my last year of college and for a couple of years after that I drove taxi as a way to pay rent and buy beer and drugs.  Big old boxy Checker cabs.  One night I pick up this old white-haired guy at the University to take him to his hotel.  he jumps in my cab and starts telling me that he has just come from a meeting where he has decided to seek the Republican nomination for Governor.  For the next twenty minutes he tells me of his hopes and plans for Wisconsin; improving the University system, making it easier for minorities to go to college, environmental concerns.... yadda and stuff.  We get to his hotel and he sits there and goes on for another twenty minutes.  I didn't mind as I didn't have another fare and I was stoned anyway.  Later that year Lee Sherman Dreyfus bucked the the Republican machine and became Governor.  He turned out to be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, passing the first law in the state to ban Gay discrimination.  I voted for him.  He spent about an hour talking to  some patched-jean. long-haired, bearded hippie as if I was the most important citizen  in the whole state.  He wasn't a great governor.... but he turned out to be decent and honest

5) I cry reading those stupid goddam Chicken Soup for the Soul books and then am filled with such self loathing for having done so that I have to go out and drink copious amounts of beer to get re-balance.

6) the two most precious moments of my life were when my children were born.  If I concentrate on those days, hours, minutes, seconds, I cry as well, though I never need a beer after wards.

7) I have to trim my left eye-brow cause it gets really bushy and sticks up like an owls.  My right eyebrow is well behaved.

ok... the other request is to tag other folks.... but instead I will just recommend
a couple
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Try 'em out... you may like them


susan said...

1. Prunedom isn't so bad - or so I've been told by those who like them.
2. You aren't old until you can't remember where you put the wallet.
3. Mwahaha!
4. Buddy Cianci, a former mayor of Providence, was a very friendly guy too. Then he wound up in the Big House for embezzlement. Your Governor sounds better.
5. Those books are written by people sponsored by the brewing industry.
6. There's nothing like having children to quick start unexpected tenderness.
7. I think you should encourage the right one to grow. Scissors are dangerous.

Sherry Peyton said...

Prunes is good. Loved the story about the governor. And the Contrarian suffers from a wild eyebrow, and uses a spoon to cover his eye when I have to trim it. He don't trust me...dont' know why....

GO Packers.

PENolan said...

I have twisted this award to my own purposes and passed it on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -
and congratulations to your own self, too.

Liberality said...

My hubby trims his eyebrows now and his ears too. Where is all this hair coming from?

That guy didn't sound like any republicans I know, just saying.

Congrats on the award. You must be beery stylish to get it :D

Lee said...

Thanks, Jim. So that's the deal with the eye brow. I just thought that was you trying to look amused.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are fascinating. It took me a while to hunt you down, though. You gave us 7 of the most interesting, bizarre, somewhat frightening tidbits -- which, instead of making me run away, made me want to know 7 more. Or, do I? Dare I?

Many the prune has improved a person's disposition. Cuz you got that cryin' thing goin' on.

okjimm said...

SUSAN.. you break me up... you write almost as well as your art... which is pretty darn....ah... Canadian. :)

Sherry..just goes to show the contraian is no fool. ;)

Pen... ain't no deal... just keep writing!
Libs.... I don't get the ear thing either....and 'grey' chest hair freaks me out!!
Lee... beats me... I think it's because I like good beer....ok...grow some hair!!!!

SDS... you'll come back anytimez...and trust me... one group of sevens at a time is sevenz too many. ;0

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