Monday, September 20, 2010

I have answers!!!!!

People ask me questions. A lot of them.  Sometimes one or two a day!!  So... in the Spirit of Peace, Love& Quality beer..... I will answer the most pressing questions asked of me  last month.

1  Get off Hwy 41 at 9th ave and go east until you hit South Main.  Take a left and go over the Bridge.  Then a  right and a quick left and head north four blocks.  It's on the left just past the library.  You can't miss it.  Big Neon sign by the back door.

2  No.  I only have two left

3  $50 a quarter ounce

4  I forgot.  I'll wear one next time.... I promise!

5  Paulie Tuna.  But I haven't seen him in years.

6  Not today.  Maybe tomorrow.

7  Front porch at the cottage in Door County.  Labor Day 1986 around sunset.  Doggie-style, I think.

8  That's really none of your business!  I don't ask where you got your toe fungus, do I?

9  Sure, I eat muffins.  But only moist ones without nuts.

10 I'm sorry.  I thought you were someone else.

Just goes to show I could be a teagag politician...... I have all the answers!


Unindicted Co-Conspirator said...

And not only that, you don't answer questions with questions. Do you?

Beach Bum said...

I forgot. I'll wear one next time.... I promise!

I usually get hit of kicked after I say something like that, its never pleasant.

Randal Graves said...

I loved you in Airplane.

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