Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drill baby, baby Drill

 The TeaCup candidate for Senate supports drilling for Oil in Lake Michigan..
Would you support drilling, like in the Great Lakes for example?

“You know, the bottom line is we are an oil-based economy.  There's nothing we're going to do to get off of that for many years.  I think we have to be realistic and recognize that fact and, you know, I, I think we have to, get the oil where it is, but we have to do it where it is.” Ron Johnson

I think that's what he meant.  It is hard to understand his views.....


Randal Graves said...

The funniest thing would be if all the oil ran out tomorrow. So many of these rugged individualists would shit their pants at the ensuing chaos.

We all would, but then again, we never pretended to be juiced-up manly men of manliness.

Beach Bum said...

Most of our glorious state elected leaders are dying to see oil drilling off the South Carolina, the only problem though is that after extensive research and exploration by the oil companies this state has so little in the way possible offshore oil reseveres that they are simply not interested. It's freaking the idiots out at the state house since they simply cannot understand that having a coast line does not guarantee oil.

okjimm said...

Randal.... I ran out of oil. had to go to the store quick. I had some great Lake Michigan Perch.... which would probably not be there if we start drilling.

Dear Bum.....Ya, I hear you on the coast line thingee.

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