Sunday, September 12, 2010


9/11? More than the Trade Towers feel on 9/11.... America did too. We fell into a pit of fear, paranoia, hate, cynicism and bigotry that keeps getting deeper and deeper. Not that we already didn't have a fair amount before... but the veneer was stripped away. I am waiting for 9/12. That day after we never came to after the attacks.  When we rebuild our National Ethos of truth, justice, brotherhood, fair-play, generosity and kindness. I'm thinking I maybe waiting for awhile.


Beach Bum said...

I'm waiting myself for that Renaissance but there is a growing feeling that we have peaked and that we are on some kind of down hill slide. We can't maintain our infrastructure, after decades of whining our school are generally still shit, we are polarized to the point assault weapons are being paraded outside political meetings, and many continue to justify torture if it "makes us safe." I could go on listing examples but it would be redundant.

I'm still waiting for that rebirth but "Plan B" is active.

Liberality said...

It feels like the dark ages to me.

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