Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"The universe is no narrow thing and the order within it is not constrained by any latitude in its conception to repeat what exists in one part in any other part. Even in this world more things exist without our knowledge than with it and the order in creation which you see is that which you have put there, like a string in a maze, so that you shall not lose your way. For existence has its own order and that no man's mind can compass, that mind itself being but a fact among others."
Cormac McCarthy

I have been occupied of late.  I have not been able to post much of what I have written nor read much of others.  There are so many of both that if I think of it I feel a sadness.  But there are books to read, places to be, jobs to look for and children who need attention,solace,information and guidance.  It is what it is... but to any and all that cross these pages..... I will bless you even if god will not.  Now..... if you add a beer you will have something of value..... my blessing is worthless and will not make you drunk.


Randal Graves said...

Well then, how about cursing us, that would surely drive us to drink, no?

Sherry Peyton said...

I guess we can hope for a great deal from you this winter? lol...we all get busy Jimmy, but we know you are around! Love the pic. would love to just sit there for a few hours.

David Barber said...

Don't listen to Randal, he's crazy...he watches Maggie & The Ferocious Beast.

Do what must be done, Jimm, but always remember to stop for a beer yourself. :-)

okjimm said... you to drink? Nah...take your own car.

Sherry.... there will be more. By the by... the pic is of the dells on the upper Wolf River. It is a pretty exciting raft trip.

David.... there is always time for a beer.

susan said...

Is there a blogger book of rules I missed? All of the things you mentioned take precedence over what should be fun.. after you've had enough beer to enjoy it.

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