Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Age does not protect you from love.

But love,
to some extent,

protects you from age.

Anais Nin


Liberality said...

She was one far out and groovy writer, that Anais Nin!

Dusty said...

Oh who are you kidding Jim? Nothing protects us from old age..not even that $400 cream I bought from Macy's last month.

Anijo said...

Or is it that love does not protect you from age

But age,
to some extent,

protects you from love.

okjimm said...

libs... she is always good to revist.

Dusty... $400 is a lotza beer.... and Macy's needs the beer less than I do. Just give me the money and I will TELL you you are young!

Anijo... :) .... depends on which way the tumbleweeds blow ;)

Randal Graves said...

Some would say that love ages you tremendously, but not I, no. I feel like a spring chicken. Pass the ice cream.

Anijo said...

Hey Jim. I don't have anymore tumbleweeds! Youpee!!! The field that had all the tumbleweeds is now a nice brand new pretty house. Life couldn't be better.

So you like my little nickname eh? :)

Christopher said...

True love makes age irrelevant.

Look at that douchebag, Billy Joel. He dumps his wife, the smokin' hot Christy Brinkley, who could still model with girls 30 years her junior, for a woman young enough to be his granddaughter, and he looks like a hairball the cat puked up.

No one can tell me Joel really loved Christy. He's a clown.

Anijo said...

Hey, is that my lizard on the wall? How cool is that? :)

okjimm said...

Yup... dat be your lizard! :)

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