Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blood Drive!

I'll do anything for free cookies and doughnuts! The last time the blood drive was in town I was interviewed on local TV..... one of those "where ya ya doing...why do YOU give blood" kinda local-color things. I just deadpanned for the camera..." I only donate because of the free cookies", and then rather forgot about it.

Later, that same night, I am at a concert at the river and a complete stranger comes up to me and said, " I know you! You're the guy on TV who donates blood for cookies!"

Boy, was I proud.

I hope they have the peanut-butter ones today.
I only do it for cookies.


Anijo said...

And who's handing out the cookies? Could it be that sexy nurse... cookies indeed.

Randal Graves said...

I donate blood for sexy nurses.

susan said...

I gave at the office.

Alecto said...

I do it for sugar cookies. I'm easy that way.

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