Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I spent last weekend with the boys. Or at least we were boys when we all first met. Tim and Rosey I have know for about 35 years, Ray and John for about thirty.
They are all great guys, all successful business types (except me---I wouldn't know success if it bit me in the ass) and are all well read and well informed. For the most part our children are all the same age. John's daughter, Melissa, and my daughter Miriam were born on the same day in the same year. They are also all in long term marriages (again, except me. marriage did bite me in the ass) with really great women.
So when we get together on these outings we inevitably talk work,,,,,,, and move beyond that quickly. Then we discuss the kids; rising tution, their collge classes, their boyfriends/girlfriends, jobs.... and the talk moves to golf outings, camping trips, movies, books, music and stupid shit we did in college that we hope the kids never find out about.
Inevitably, though, and usually late in the evening around the campfire, the discussions seem to channel themselves to a subject I can only call...... "Sometimes I just don't GET the way my wife thinks"
"she want's a new garage door.... just 'cause she thinks it doesn't match the rest of the house!!"
"she want's to remodel the kitchen....we just did it FIVE YEARS AGO!"
"she THREW away my MUSKIE fishing sweat shirt!!! I caught my biggest muskie wearing that sweatshirt! It was only 20 years old!"
"I really can't see why she thinks golfing four times a week is excessive"
"The woman bought another pair of shoes! She must have forty pairs! I keep telling her she only has two feet!"
"The thing about marriage," Tim said, " is that there is serendipity....... and then there is just the plan old Dipity."
Sunday morning I am making breakfast. My turn. And I can hear the phone calls being made.
To Ellen. Monica. Dana Lynn. Christie.
Drunk on a saturday night a man's thoughts may move to Dipity..... but Sunday morning it seems to move to right back to serendipity.


Liberality said...

I can see why one wife threw away that sweatshirt but I don't believe in constant remodeling or having a whole bunch of shoes either.

I think a pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of sandals, two pair of dress shoes, and two pairs of boots are enough. Two of the latter are needed to color coordinate. I like one pair brown and one pair black when it comes to shoes. Tennis shoes can just be white. Okay, enough with my blathering. You, sir, have a nice day!

Sherry Peyton said...

It sounds like you had a nice time OKJimm. And the story was a nice one to boot. I like shoes, but not that many! lol..and remodeling? What's that?

Dusty said...

I collect shoes, its a friggin hobby so get off my back about it! Men golf, I collect shoes ok?

Oops..you weren't talking about my shoe collection where you? ;p

Randal Graves said...

Not all of us golf, dammit! See, Wisconsonian, sometimes it pays to be sans co-habitant.

sunshine said...

Fortunatly I don't care about shoes and my hubby doesn't care about golf.
After 15 years of mortgage payments we were able to pay off our home! It's only the past couple of years that we've started doing major fixing up.
My husband owns a clothing store. If I throw something out, he doesn't care. I think that his trophies are the only thing he would be angry about. I told him they were garbage bound when he dies. Hehehe...

I guess he and I are doing alright! ;)

Anonymous said...


sounds bittersweet to me.

don't have to be married to find serendipity, okjimm.


okjimm said...

Libs... I think John was stretching it a bit with the shoes....but probably not much! Ray was really PO'd about the sweatshirt...I think it is a fisherman thing. Blather here anytime you like! ;)

Sherry..it was a good time! They really are great guys.

Dusty...collect stamps. they take up less room.

Randal... no golf? I like knocking little balls around...releases pent up hostilities. I always think of them as GWB's little white balls.

Sunshine...if they are bowling trophies then they can be throw away.

Anon...//sounds bittersweet to me//

of course it is.

Anonymous said...

This post is a testament to the age old truism:

Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.

Distributorcap said...

nothing about the dog?

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