Friday, July 17, 2009

I am totally burnt. Toast. Melted. I should not be in the office.

boDeans at the river...... they still rock....but I sure found out that my limitation level has constricted.

I like the way you dance

I like the way you paint your lips

And if I had a chance to be with you, I wouldn't slip

So hey what do you say

Do you see a thing or two in me

Then let's be on our way

We don't need no other company

If I could Hold you tonight

I might never let go

If I could Hold you tonight

I might never let goIf

I could Hold you tonight

I might never, no never, let go


Randal Graves said...

Once more, you are what you eat. Toast you ingest, toast you shall become, sometimes with butter and jam. Pretend the office has been toasted, then you'll feel better, at least until you open your eyes and see that you're in the office.

Distributorcap said...

i will give you my avatar

sunshine said...

Why are all of your posts lately making me hungry?

Glad you had a good time! :)

Lisa said...

There's THE song. Seems like a themesong for MathMan and me. We had a one night stand the night we met at a BoDeans concert. The one night stand has lasted almost 22 years.

okjimm said...

Lisa!!!!! Sooner or later ya gotta face reality and accept the fact that 22 years is not a one night stand...unless you've got a really really strange calendar!!!

Shine/// wait till I start waxing eloquentily-stuff on peanut butter!

DCap //i will give you my avatar//

Wowsers! I am Honored! But does it come with peanut butter or jelly???

Randal....I am what I eat? Shit! I never thought of myself as cheap Chinese food before! ;)

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