Friday, July 24, 2009

I am too old for this.... and too young to stop

I think I need a BLT for lunch. I have fresh lettuce and the tomatoes are fresh. Just a little bacon is alla I need.

In other news......

I went to the river last night to listen to a little rock&roll. Summers are short and the weather was good and the place was full of bunches of good looking women and the beer was cold and the music was great and I stayed up way too late and now I am writing long run on sentences and wishing I wasn't at the office.

Rusted Root did a great show and I am glad I went, but now my mouth feels like it is full of dancing pickles. Which is better than last night when they were dancing in my head.

I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean. Hopefully nothing.

But the good news is that I just got a new Archie McPhee catalog and there is a nifty new product I just have to have.......

Handerpants™Are you really naked under those gloves? For Pete's sake, put on some Handerpants! These 95% cotton, 5% spandex, fingerless gloves have the look and feel of men's briefs. Slip them on underneath your gloves for extra warmth and protection from chafing! Wear them on their own as a vaguely inappropriate fashion statement! Hundreds of uses! Fits most adult hands.

I guess they would help when I need to grab a pickle.


Laura said...

Rusted Root! Love that song "Send Me On My Way". I even have it on my ipod.
Handerpants eh? They'll come up with whatever they can to part us from our money, won't they.

Christopher said...

When I grab a pickle, I prefer wet and slippery. Not rough and cottony.

Anonymous said...

Shame shame shame. Get to your room. No more randal for you. Naked womens with bacon. Lordy lordy. I like the underwear for hands though. Might tell the Contrarian about that. YOur grounded until further notice.

BLT indeed. And we just had them yesterday too. Now I feel queasy.

lisahgolden said...

Oh my goodness, those handerpants are too funny! And oh, for the love of (a) Rusted Root. Or something. Love their music.

Randal Graves said...

Your mouth is full of dancing Laura Bush?

I like boobies. I like bacon. But together, the sum doesn't seem to be greater than the parts.

Hey, sherry, don't blame me, okjimm was a deviant when I was still in grade school.

Anonymous said...

fried eggs and ham...

yummy, yummy.

susan said...

I need a pair of handerpants.. or do you have to own a fresh pair for every day of the week?

okjimm said... is never to early to buy Yule gifts...I 'm buying a bunch.

Christopher...gotzta watch out for briny pickles.... actually I think handerpants would be good for picking pickled peeppers

Sherry? Grounded? I never could fly well anyways!

Randal...but your deviance is much more deviant than my deviance.

Anon.... no no...bacon &eggs!

Susan, no, just a couple....weekends you can go...BARE HANDED

s. douglas said...

do they make handerpants in a thong?

okjimm said...

Fairlane... for you..they might!

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