Monday, June 15, 2009


Oh, but these are days! Finally!

I woke today with a clean crispness in the air, cool and even fragrant as it touched all my senses. There was a promise of warmth later in the day that will making reading under the shade of a steadfast maple a simple joy to look forward to.

It reminds me of mornings waking on my parents sleeping porch when I was young and the summer days would kiss your cheek and take your hand to lead you into days of infinite possiblities and promises and adventures and fun and you would know deeply that if those things
didn't happen on this day.... they certainly would on a day soon, and it would be better than anything you had ever thought about.

Those days are not like they used to be.... but they still exist, and when I find one I hope I am never so old as to not believe in them for then I will have certainly lost faith in myself.

Winter may be coming...... but it is not today.


susan said...

I'm reminded of the old friends laughing and reminiscing outdoors on a soft summer day. 'Why can't it always be like this?', one of them said. His friend answered, 'It always is.'

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of walking the streets of South Ozone Park and Richmond Hill on an early Sunday evening in late Spring; a time of open doors and windows with familiar ambient noise streaming through, fading an air heavy with the sweet smell of lilacs, cherry blossoms and jet exhaust from Kennedy Airport.

Randal Graves said...

Enjoy your springery, we've got mad humidity coming later in the week. A pox on thee, summertime worshipers.

okjimm said...

Yes, Susan, it always is.

Spartz... no jet exhaust in WI... our airplanes are still 'rubber-band' powered.

Dear Mr Graves.... suffer, baby!

Mary Ellen said...


You just need to use a different mind-set regarding humidity. Think of it as a free sauna, given to you by mother nature. Just make sure you keep your towel from falling off on the bus ride to work.

Dr. Zaius said...

Echoes fade and memories die:
Autumn frosts have slain July.
Lewis Carroll

But not today! :o)

okjimm said...

kudos, Dr. Z!

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