Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hope Floats...but so does Ivory Soap

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
- e.e. cummings
Nope. That Hope is dead. But he sure was a funny Hope.

Not that hope either, but I would love any interest she would have in my 12th level Paladin....!

Not the Hope Diamond... but that would be all the hope I would need..... and not Hope Lange, either......cause she is a dead Hope, too.

The deal is that I really get the seasonal blues. Christmas is an extremely shitty season for me. It seems like bunches of crappy stuff seems to happen just before the holiday. Death, dishonesty, disease, disaster, divorce, downsize..... if the 'D' fits, it happened. And I know I get Seasonal Disaffected Disorder (what's wrong with calling it the blues? go figger!)

Anyways. That seems to be the tone this year too. My back is killing me and I may need to opt for surgery. The condition is not life threatening, should not have any crippling impact, but it hurts like a sonofabitch when it pinches the nerve. So I have been feeling very morose and discordant and grouchy until I picked up this morning's newspaper and there is a human interest story about my buddy Tom Rued.

Dr. Tom Rued examines his patient at ValleyVision Clinic.

Read the story.

Last May Tom was lucky enough to get to the hospital in time for a life saving operation. He was flown from east central Wisconsin to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. Later they told him he would not have made it if he had arrived as little as a half hour later.

Two weeks later we were together at a mutual friend's house for a graduation party. I was flabbergasted (gees, is it ok to write flabbergasted?) Tom is a grinny guy. He was very grinny that day. He bitched that he could not play golf or go fishing for the rest of the summer.... and then laughed. He regaled everyone with the story of how his wife, with her insistence of immediate travel to the local hospital, saved his life. He waxed eloquent on how much he loved her, his friends, how the fishing would be better next year anyway, how beautiful the day was. I never heard him laugh as much (and he is jocular) or so well.

After I read the story and emailed some friends ( yuppers, buncha buddy emails this morning) I felt crappy for letting some back pain bring me down.

Soap floats, and so does hope.


Dean Wormer said...

That is a happy story. The ending at least.

(That girl still wouldn't be interested in my Paladin. Guaranteed.)

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Butter who?
butter give you a kiss.


okjimm said...

Dean...ya, she wasn't interested in mine, either.

Knock knock.
Who's dere?
Amanda who?
A man dat wantzta give you a hug.

Randal Graves said...

You guys need to start carrying your +5 Vorpal Sword. The ladies love that.

I still think it's okay to bitch about something that's bothering you, literally and/or figurative, even if it's not End of the World®, but hot damn that's a good story. What a lucky dude.

Sherry Peyton said...

Boy you guys and your semi nekid women! What's to be done with ya? I do feel terrible for your lousy back. As one who is most grumpy when pain is a companion, I think you are being too hard on yourself. Great story as well! Makes me feel stupid grousing about dumb stuff!

susan said...

Sorry about your back - the weird thing about chronic pain is it's hard to think around it. Glad to know Dr. Tom made out okay with his surgery. Chances are good you will too.

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Howsy, Butch and Jimmie!
Howsy, Butch and Jimmie who?
Howsie butch your arms around me and jimmie a lil kiss, too?


Anonymous said...

I'd tell ya ta snap out of it dude, but I live too far away to bring over a case of beer and some 'brats to grill. I hope you feel better anyway, man.

Steve Emery said...

So sorry you went through that with your back - this time of year, too... January - ah, January. Followed by February and then March, when we turn the clocks back and we get evenings again... And then we have the time and right weather to cook those brats...

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