Thursday, November 13, 2008

JUST IN TIME.....for holiday SHOPPING

Shit and Whiskers! WHY was this not around when my Grandmother WAS around????? It is impossible to calculate HOW many pieces of fruitcake I did eat simply to make my Grannie happy! I think it stunted my growth. Gave me gray hairs prematurely. Repressed my juvenile sexual well being!

Well the folks at Archie McPhee's have come up with a great idea before the snow flies, before Holiday shopping begins.... Inflatable Fruitcake! Now, why didn't I think of that!!!

Ok. I just got my new Archie McPhee catalog and it is a hoot!

There are Zombie cats&dogs playsets, squirrel underpants.....

AND... a skydiving Sigmund Frued!!

Just the thing for when you need a shrink to drop in!
(which covers nearly everyone in my corner of the blog-O-sphere)
Ok. It has been a long week... and it is only thursday.
I gotta get back to work, ah, reading the catalog.
I hope the brief interlude of inanity brings 'Joy to the World'


Randal Graves said...

I've only eaten fruitcake once. Bloody awful craptacular vomitous poop!

Sky diving Sigmund Freud drops in to save America from remote control having them lie on the couch!

Dusty said...

I don't think anyone in this hemisphere likes fruitcake...perhaps the whole damn planet.

I do like the parachuting shrink however. ;P

Dusty said...

ps....thanks for the link to the Mcphee site okjimm, a great way to waste five or six hours! Bless you sir. ;p

Anonymous said...

How about we give a fruitcake to George Bush and Dick Cheney as a going away present? Only make it a real one and lace it with cyanide.

susan said...

Am I the only person in this country that loves fruitcake? I have a friend in Canada who bakes a couple every year in September and by December it's perfectly saturated with brandy. I've always been secretly glad my husband doesn't share my addiction.

okjimm said...

Randal... my brothers and I used my Grandmothers fruitcakes for footballs when we were young. They wouldn't fall apart until June!

Dusty... I am so glad I could bring a little distraction into your life. Humans need more than football and politics!

Spartz... Cheney already is a fruitcake....a stale and crusty one!

Susan! You like fruitcake! Oh, the evil of Canadians! ;)

Anonymous said...

My therapist is gonna love that skydiving Freud for Christmas. I can't tell, does it come with a little couch?

Liberality said...

busted--I am definately in need of a skydiving Freud at times, ha ha!

okjimm said...

Lisa.... I love sky diving into my couch.... especially after too many beers. :)

Libs... I think that you could teach Freud a thing or two. hmmmmm...... I would what I meant by that?

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