Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Our city's esteemed City Editor, Karl, prefers the Hacker Pschor Octoberfest, but is unsure if putting the Iraqi War casualty list on the front page is a good idea. It may upset some of the Senior Citizens.

Billy Lang from Air Affair Photo http://www.airaffairphoto.com/ says that sales at the last couple of art shows have been good and he may think of buying me a beer in the near future.
Sarah Dae reports that Tony the Bum was seen lurking downtown again. Noted.

The Grand Opening celebration for the Ohio St. Bridge was a big success; the bridge itself is set to open in two, three or four weeks. Maybe.

Oblio's is out of Left Hand Brewing's Milk Stout. Schultzie says, "Too bad, Buddy."

In other breaking news, I will complete the meme-thingee that Randal slapped me with!

1. Clothes Shop: C'mon! I am a shopper of opportunity! I shop-lift everything I own, which explains some of my color combinations.

2. Furniture Shop: Kinda hard to stick a chair under one's coat.... I usually pick up what I need on the curb or at St Vinny's Thrift shop.

3. Sweet: Cheap, satisfying, and easy to steal and sneak into the movie theatre! Kathy was sweet, too, but we broke up some time back. She wasn't cheap and it was always really hard to sneak her into theatres.

4. City: OZ. Best place to score courage, have a heart and get a cheap diploma. My Kinda Town!!

5. Drink: fermented? Most anything brewed all-malt..... no funky rice or corn filler. Non-fermented? gees, there is such a thing? Wowsers!

6. Music: skip the rap, hip-hop, corn-ball country and everything else is ok. (except Doris Day songs)

7. TV Series: Green Bay Packers. Sixteen weeks of green&gold! Gooooooooo Bratwurst!!!!!!

8. Film: Scotch Tape.

9. Workout: Biking and the 16oz right handed arm- curl at the bar.

10: Pastries: Love me a Doughnut! Plain. A simple fry-cake doughnut is a many splendored thing. Two of them are gorgeous. Three of them is a orgy!

11. Coffee: Free. I love free coffee, so if you are going, bring me back one, too. Little cream, some sugar. Non-Starbucks, please!


Life As I Know It Now said...

I'd have to say you have a point about that Oz city. Next girlfriend try Sally--I hear you can sneak down an alley with her anyways.

susan said...

One of these days inflation could get so bad everybody might start bypassing the checkout counters. Good thing you've been practicing.

Unknown said...

Aw thanks for the 411 on your habits there okjimm!

We now know so much more about you...and whats not to love about a man like you? ;p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that local news update, okjimm...Let's throw it back to the newsroom.. Katie?

Katie: Governor Palin. About your foreign policy expertise....

Randal Graves said...

I'm offended by the picture of the breastfeeding. It's not natural! Call the governor!

okjimm said...

Randal.... breastfeeding gets the youth of America ready for sucking beer.

C'mon, Spartz, she once took a foreign object out of her eye....that's experience!

Dusty.... I only mentioned the ones with no 'jail-able' time.

Practice makes perfect, Susan, buy your big trench coat now!

You gotzit, Libs, I think we should all hit the Yellow Brick road.....

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