Monday, October 27, 2008


No... not the twit-wit!

Gees, I heard that the RNC has given her $75K for a new set of boobs to go with her $150K wardrobe. A spokes-twit-wit from the RNC said that, "..of course after the election the boobs will be donated to a charity."

I am voting for the REAL Sarah.......... SARAH DAE!

1) She says, 'You Betcha' alot better than the Polar Queen.

2) She has a much more astute world political view than Palin and has never seen Russia from her window.

3) Pours a real Mavericky Pint of Stout.

4) Has never put lipstick on a pig ( she did try to put some on her bull-dog, but it drooled off)

5) Promises to Reform Oblios.

6) Strongly endorses Pro-Choice tequila shots.

7) Makes great hand bags and CAN show you an example instead of 'getting back to you'

8) Does NOT have a pregnant daughter

9) Does not shot wolves from Airplanes

10) Is really a great friend.


Dusty said...

This is SO sweet Okjimm, I hope she see's it.

But...can she put a shamrock imprint in the head of a draft pint of Guinness? I can. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice tribute jimmy... I hope she's not married to Joe "The Plumber" Sixpack. Because all the way from here, I smell the smoke of a flame.

Anonymous said...

She has my vote! Add to the list "has a killer smile" not a killer attitude.

susan said...

A very reserved woman from the Aleutian Islands was in town recently for her child's medical care. Someone asked her if she could see Alaska from her house and her somber reply was, 'That woman must have better eyesight than me.'

Your friend sounds like a great choice and one of these days I'll get back to Etsy to order a bag.

Randal Graves said...

I think this all part of your nefarious plan to drunkify the populace. Which I fully support.

okjimm said...

Randal....I think Drunkification is next to godliness. Or at least down the block.

Anonymous said...

You betcha grilldog. Much love! Thanks for the shout out.


p.s. i owe you a pint for entertainment.

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