Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I think my last post got to me. The temps are in the high 80's....the humidity makes the air feel thicker than day old pea soup (which is a lousy thing to do to a pea, iffa ya ask me).....and I think I need a Leon's. We don't call it 'frozen custard'.... just Leon' in, "Les go get some Leon's. Been there since 1947...still has car hops.

Or shit&bisquits.....might be time to go to Ardy & Ed's....which is kinda of a newbie place...they have only been there since '48....and still make their own draft root beer.... and have car hops on roller skates! Cute ones, too!!

Decisions, Decisons....... Eat Your Heart Out, America...I think I will hit both! Whatza summer for, ANYWAYS!!


Randal Graves said...

Draft root beer, frozen custard, car hotties in hot pants? You bastard.

Anonymous said...

Oh you've got be yearning from Grandma's kitchen... Best homemade ice cream on the Long Island... hands down.

DivaJood said...

Oh, I would kill for some really good draft root beer. Don't care about the car hops, but the root beer, oh lordy.

Mary Ellen said...

I love "small town America". I miss some of the small ice cream stands they used to have out here. They've been taken over by Dairy Queen and Oberweiss.

Nevertheless, summer is still great...and why am I spending it in front of my computer?

I'm off...see ya later, kiddo!

Scarlet W. Blue said...

OKJIMM, you're just making me jealous now. Shame on you.

okjimm said...

Gees, my root beer floats for everybody.....gotta be there in an hour.6:30 cdt. Hurry.

Hey, not only are they both good, they are both locally owned, non-franchise.... I hate franchise-type shit....ruining an aspect of America I have always loved...Independent Business....whether it is a hardware store, bakery, butcher shop, restaurant, coffee house....I don't care! I will always pay more for a quality local product or service run by people I KNOW.....damn.... hey tell me what your favorite local is....seriously. Spartacus, you mentioned the ice cream shop...write back on what is good about it, anyone else? Free Leons for the best description?

Anita said...

Root beer floats!


I like ginger ale, too. I've been getting this stuff called "Reed's All Natural Jamaican Ginger Beer." It is fantastic. They make an "Extra Ginger Brew" version, too.

Double Yum.

Anonymous said...

Around here, we've been known to fight over root beer. We take it very seriously. Once The Actor and I bought every brand of root beer we could find at our local grocery stores so we could do a taste test.

Now I might have to go to our local place Udder Delights for a root beer float.

I'm susceptible to suggestions concerning food, you know.

susan said...

A lot of them upped and disappeared everywhere once Mickeydees opened up and I've been around long enough to remember when the McD's signs said "100 sold".. sometimes I kill myself.

Dusty said...

Well damn dude..why don't cha just rub it in??? ;p

DivaJood said...

Anita, that Reed's stuff is amazingly good, but try and track down some Bundaberg Ginger Beer. It's Australian, it's to die for.

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