Wednesday, July 2, 2008

see ya.....Bubba takes off

Ok, the kid has been telling me for a couple of weeks that he was going to a rock concert in Michigan. Well yesterday he fills me in with details..

my first reaction .... shit... take me with you!!!

and then I settled down... and remembered three four days without a shower.....rock&roll and non-stop,beer&babes and really grungy hangovers. I took him shopping instead.

I tried to remember thirty years back. It was a hazy ride. Take an extra tarp, garbage bag rain coats, lotta granola, clothes you don't care about.....forget packing wipes for a quick clean up....lotta water....

the deal is, and it is a funny boy have always been pretty tight....but in the last year....he went from

Dad doesnt know shit.........

to Dad, ' I wish you could come with me.....we would have a good time hanging out.'

He split at midnight last night.
I'm leaving now.
"I'll call you when I get back, Old Man. Have a good bike ride. Love you."

Love you too, Bub, call me when you get back.


Randal Graves said...

Here's hoping you're not kicking yourself for not going. Hey, have a rock concert at home!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I look forward to enjoying my kids when they are adults.

DivaJood said...

Oh, man, you just made be feel all warm and fuzzy. And, you made a wise decision to not go with - cool dad or not, some things a kid has to do on his own. Like 3 days without a shower.

JoAnn said...

HI Jimm,

Well, all young people go through the "Dad doesn't know shit stage".

I, as an older person, I love your blog. I, myself, have given up on blogging, but I am enjoying the blogs of my friends such as yourself

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