Monday, June 30, 2008

ok. Fairlane, the esteemed Commodore of the Good Ship Jonestown, the criteria......
"Arte y Pico” is part of a tag initiative that is passed along to compliment other bloggers.
Now, here are the rules and regulations, as well as my nominees for the next five deserving winners of the Arte y Pico Award:
1) Pick five (5) blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community,
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award which is here Arte y Pico.
This has flabbergasted me to no end, primarily because I have had a blog for a total of two weeks, (hey, I took off my shoes just to make sure I was counting correctly) though I have dropped comments around blogs like a pigeon drops droppings around a picnic in the park. Now that is a whole different deal that HAVING a blog.... and doing all the neato- stuff like adding music and videos and such.

I am really complimented, at at the same time confused. In the former sense because I have an extreme amount of respect and admiration for the Esteemed Mr. Lane (or the Emperor....or Dark Lord, or King of All Things Keen&Peachy....pick'em) and his abilities and the talent at the craft of WordSmitheryism&Stuff. &all the other posters, commentators, pundits and trolls that hang in said aforementioned environs&Shit.

The confusion is that, to follow the rules, I need to know what I am doing.
I don't.

  1. owns a four year old laptop, recently purchased.
  2. does not have a home internet connection
  3. hits the blogs mostly at work(where no one gives a shit)
  4. at Oblios(where they love me)

I will certainly pass along the award, but I gotta beg a little indulgence. It's just gonna take a little bit. I really do not know what I am doing. Now that may work for "Life Experiences" (or not work, as I have discovered) but putting together a blog and making it as cool as Politits, or Lennui Melodieux, or DCap or Anita's or Freida's or FOT or D'ad Art.......ya, you get the drift. There are so many people who are doing such incredible things.....that I am really still a little bit in awe of this vast landscape of communication. I truly am.

And if I may wax eloquent, it is this elemental and deeply sincere level of communication that still gives me hope about the future of America...

The mass media has let us down,,,,,,,,, religion has let us down.....politicians have let us down.....society has let us down...... and yet kind, thoughtful minds, giving souls, and wishful hearts seem to always find a way to reach out and find the other hands reaching out. It is what the 'We' in 'Us' does. Really Good Stuff..

I'll be back. I'm getting weepy. I need to blow my nose....and geta beer.


fairlane said...

No worries.

It took me several weeks before I figured out how to add pictures to my posts.

And I don't think I had the current layout until Jonestown had been up, and running for six or seven months.

It's a process.

Use the Force...or Beer.

Personally, I prefer Beer. The Force is for Schmucks, and Dorks who have a Penis only in Theory.

Liberality said...

hey, that's what I like about the internet too. all the neat people you can meet. I live in a redneck town with nary a liberal in sight so I find intellectual stimulation by surfing on the web.

DivaJood said...

That is one honking big award.

okjimm said...

Mr. Lane (break me up....Mr. Lane) thanks. Community, to me, is everything. All else is Burger King when one is too drunk to drive through a good restaurant. (I tried. I am still paying off damages). And thanks for the encourgement. be honest....I love your shades. They are coooler than a pint of pale ale! C'mon, though, there are rednecks in Indiana?
Gees, go figger!

okjimm said...

Diva....I already have a big honking nose...... Mr. Emperor kinda through me a loop. I saw on your profile that you are a Cubs fan. My heartfelt condolences. Didn't you have a connect to the Crane foundation in Baraboo? Great Stuff. I try to get to the circus museum there once a year. The clowns make me laugh.

susan said...

I still haven't figured it out but enjoy the company up here for the same reasons as you and Liberality. I hate to tell you this but the Scarlet Empress has also presented you with the Artie and the extra good news that she will return to Blogtopia.

okjimm said...

wowsers...thanks for the heads up, susan.....

'course I didna think ol Scarlet could leave the blogs anymore n a flea could leave a blue tick hound..... I figger she'sa got the keyboard itch and won't rest til the last wal-mart is closed....ana stuff!

Anonymous said...

Much deserved. You've just gotten started and I'm already addicted. The pix and stuff are nice, but it's the content, the ideas and writing, that really bring me back.

Plus you use cute terms like wowsers.

Anita said...

yeah, wowsers! i love it! where'd ya find that word?

congrats on your award okjimm!! and believe you me, a compliment (or award, for that matter) from fairlane is ... well, yeah, a compliment NOT to be taken lightly.


i kid.

no, seriously.


Randal Graves said...

Dude, I am so glad you have fluctuating standards to where I can be name-dropped with bloggers who actually don't suck.

Next round is on me. Shit, that's what, two or three rounds I have to buy for you? I'm poor!

okjimm said...

-- cute terms like wowsers..

--where'd ya find that word?

I found 'Wowsers' at a rummage sale. Musta been a few hundred thousand of them in the box.

They wanted $5 for the whole box. We made a deal for $2.50. I have bunches of them left!

Randal....any drink with you would be a good drink! Salut!

DivaJood said...

I did have a connect to the Crane Foundation - met George Archibald when I went to Bhutan, he was taking a bunch of folks to the Black Crane Festival. But I lost the link and have been too lazy to put it back up.

okjimm said...

Gees, Bhutan.....met Archibald....damn, that sounds so neat. The crane foundation is too. I feel very lucky that something that unique is close by. It is always worth a visit every other year or so. A post about Bhutan would be neat....or have you already done that?

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