Friday, July 25, 2008

Ich bin ein Berliner

Gees, Susan, there may or may not be a Santa Clause, but the Bud Wagon is pulled by Clydesdales, not Percherons...and while I will whimsically, casually, carelessly jump onto any ol bandwagon I am a true-blue Beer Snob and will not jump onto a Bud Wagon.... And brand of horse not truly relevant....those are both REALLY REALLY big horses and I believe there are insufficient funds .......

(I get a lotta mail with documents enclosed marked as such, so I know what I am talking about) in the campaign budget
to provide for and an adequate number of pails and shovels to clean up after all the horse-shit. Now, campaigns may be fueled with bull-shit but all horse shit needs to be collected, removed and composted. So, Susan, I gotza problem wit dem big horses...if we use more than two, we have to downsize them

However, Susan, your note did get me to thinking..... and that is dangerous, please give me some room.... that while the campaign is going great..... except for the VP candidate playing 'catch-up' with hubby..

*Break me up! Never heard it called 'catch-up' before! Gees!*
..the ticket of Jood/Nunly does NOT have a political party NAME. And that's a gotta be fixed! Well, I thought for a moment that we could call it the Pail&Shovel Party..... but that was done before in 1979 by

some very cool dudes at the UW-Madison campus. And they did fulfill the most ambitious of all their campaign promises, mainly, bringing the

Statue of Liberty to Madison. Now we could just steal the name and recycle it, or we could invent a new name.......and Wowsers.....I betcha there would be a bunch a good suggestions. So, Susan, as the Director of Refreshments, I delegate that job to you. Now you may very well ask where do I get the authority to assign you such a job, but you will not get an answer. I am the Director of Refreshment and as such am way above giving answers.

I think, too, that the campaign needs a very specific, very do-able goal. Like, say, tearing down the Berlin Wall. I don't think it should be too difficult. Someone just needs to have the verve to stand up to the USSR and say, " Mr. Gorbachev , tear down this wall." It really shouldn't be that hard. And if they don't want to tear it down, maybe we could trade for it, ya know, like we will give them Shea Stadium; they are gonna tear it

and New York could sure use it to keep all the illegal aliens from Jersey out.

Ok, Susan, I gotzta say no to the big horses thing.

The campaign has much more important things to accomplish and heavier considerations to weigh...... like..... is a doughnut better with custard filling....or jelly.

Ich bin ein Randaler.

*A Wowsers UPDATE..... pending Candidates approval.....The Jood/Nunly campaign is running on the

Shit From Shinola Party Ticket!

* Just to help differentiate.... This is Shinola

And this is shit....


Anonymous said...

How about calling us Shit From Shinola (pronouned Shine-ola)? Given that politics is shit and that most politicians are good at polishing turds -- that's the Shinola -- I figure that name's as good as any.

And, if I may show my DEA/Chief Botanist bias, may I add this tagline:

"Pot For Every Chicken!"

Randal Graves said...

"Pot For Every Chicken!"

Now that's a line you can campaign on.

As for tearing down thing, Cleveland State University tore down their ugly, Brutalist hunk o' 70s crap student center, but that's as famous as we are.

Ich bin nicht ein Vanillepuddingkrapfen!

Anonymous said...

Hi *waves*

Mary Ellen said...

I'm all for the "pot in every chicken" tagline, that's a winner that will surely get us the youth vote AND the glaucoma vote.

Oh...and thanks a lot okjimm for all the talk about jelly donuts. I couldn't stand the temptation anymore and paid a visit to Dunkin Donuts. I not only ate a jelly donut, but had a custard filled with chocolate topping too. Now I'm going to have to figure out a way to work off those calories. Sheesh...good thing this Habit hides a multitude of sins.

susan said...

Heck and stuff. I just happen to really like Percherons and it has been a long time since I saw the Bud Wagon drive by. It used to be so neat when you'd hear the bell ringing and all the beer drinkers would run out to the sidewalk clutching their quarters. They'd line up at the barrels and push each other out of the way. Those were the days.. sigh.

After giving the matter due consideration this morning I've decided the SFS Party name is the way we should go. Spartacus has such marvellous political acuity he never even hesitated. So 'Shit From Shinola' it is.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean that kind of jelly donut!

Anita said...

wowzers OKJ, you're really on the ball with this one. i think the Big O should hire you as one of his campaign managers, covering Osh Kosh territory. Or how about this: the Beer Belt.

DivaJood said...

ShitFromShinola Party it is! I love it. And, Percheron, Clydesdale, they both are big, they have furry things around their hooves, and they make really big poop. Bucketloads, really.

Randal Graves said...

'cause what the world needs is more poop. Poop for everyone!

ME, I bet you didn't save that custard donut for me because of the hot babe pictures. See if I share any of my stash with you.

okjimm said...

-""Pot For Every Chicken!"-

Well, bless my feathers and pass the pipe!

Ich bin nicht ein Vanillepuddingkrapfen! - easy for you to say, Randal!

Beer Belt, Anita? Yessiree Bob, a few more beers and I may need a new belt!! Back to biking.

FOT *wave back* (gees, write something pretty, hey, or did you duck out to France?)

DCUP.....//that kind of jelly donut!// What are you thinking! *gasp* ;)

Yes..... Randal, what the USA needs is buckets of Poop! and the SFS is just the Political Party to provide it! So let's roll up our sleeves, and get with it!

Anonymous said...

something pretty.

I'm still in seattle and am in a pretty good mood which is disconcerting really.

okjimm said...

// pretty good mood //

which is lotza better than a shitty good mood ;)

hope the mood continues...course, here, in Wisconsington we call those..... mooooooo-d swings.

Bradda said...

Shit for Shinola...change you can believe in! Nice site Okjimm, I'm traveling the tubes meeting all the lovely people on the SFS ticket. Lemme know if I can save you a seat on the fence...heh. You have been added to our Literate Electorate as of now, welcome.

DivaJood said...

The Shit From Shinola Party differentiates between Shiny (the Diva/Nunly ticket) and Shitty (the Old Fart who is really Bush Warmed Over.)

I'm Diva Jood, and I approve this message.


susan said...

You want to buckets of poop, wait til Nunley sees the VP's undisclosed location. Never mind the draft horses there's probably enough there now to fertilize Wisconsington and 5 other midwestern states.

I'm so relieved our Nominee has approved!

Distributorcap said...

maybe randal can send is some jelly donuts since i dont go to dunkin donuts anymore --- too many scary terrorists in scarves

on another note

i tried some excellent local beers in sweden and denmark. not tuborg, not carlson. other beers with a lot of vowels

Randal Graves said...

FOT's in a good mood? It's a terrorist plot!

Speaking of terrorist plots, the last time I went to Dunkin Donuts, Rachael Ray tied me up with her Yassir Arafat scarf and forced me at gunpoint to watch tape after tape of Bush press conferences. Sniff.

Krispy Kreme is just sugar, so mom and pop donut shops are the places to go. For donuts, not poop.

okjimm said...

Dcap....I like beers with lotta vowels and hops....Nope, no franchise donuts for me.....and if the truth were told.........I am more fond of muffins.....hmmmmm....hmmmmm...but there is a really nice bakery up the street a bit that has some of the best fry cakes and ....Jelly Donuts!

Yuppers, Randal...A Bush press conference is torture....I would rather have a root canal job.....but it is a nifty idea, Bush-Boarding!

Dusty said...


Damn I love stopping by here. ;)

Anajo/Anijo/JoAnn said...

Yes, you certainly are a beer snob. I can attest to that! I would be a beer snob if I could afford to be. I would drink Anchor Steam every single day if I could!

okjimm said...

Woot, yourself, Dusty, ya'll stop by here any ol time! Bring donuts.

Shit&Stuff, Jo....Anchors Away!!

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