Friday, October 12, 2012

YUPPERZ  I watched the debate last night.  Joe kinda slammed the 'New Young' Republican.... showing the spirit he had/has from way back.

Clearly pointed out that the 'Ryan(Romney) plan will still not disclose the "LOOP HOLES AND DEDUCTIONS" they want to use to BALANCE the budget.  Vague and elusive.....that is the republican way.  " I won't tell you what I think, because you really don't need to know".... seems to be the campaign strategy for the Romney team.  Gees.... if you will not disclose information..... when you need to.... you are lying.  It's that simple.  It ain't goodam brain surgery, here.  If you have sex with a woman, and tell her you have had a vasectomy when you haven't... that is lying.  If you have sex and DO NOT tell your partner you have the CLAP when you do and know it...... THAT IS LYING TOO..... Romeny/Ryan have the equivalent of a sexual disease, and seriously if you vote for them.... boy you will be pissing blood and pain for the next four years!

Oh shit..... where's the meds?

In good news.... I went to Ann Coulter's page...... as long as I was thinking of diseases, see..... and well..... it seems to have a problem....must be a mucous discharge.  I googled 'Ann Coulter Mucous Discharge'.... had better luck with Ann Coulet seeriously Deranged.  Fun with Internet, huh?

..... anyways.... back to the bird story....

 I think it was about 4:30 or so when I got up to search for Gomez.... big cup of coffee and a couple of hits of Gold Bud and I hit the streets agiain with the tin of pot seeds and the mirror and bell... started scrounging the neighbor at Dawn's Early Light..(used to be a strip club by that name, see... and boy..was it a nice place.) Anyways... in only a half hour I could hear him...chirping away " Hello! Hello!  What a Good Bird!"... the normal drivel he would say plus some of the whistles I had taught him....that little bugger was in a tall hemlock... just a block from the house.  He hadn't gotten far!  I crept delicately to the tree... shook the tin of pot seeds, whistled a bit and called his name.  There was silence.  Then I spotted him, at the edge, peering out at me.  I whistle again and shook the morror at him.  The narcissist little shit fell for it!  He flew down a lit on my finger!  In a flash I pinched his feet so he could not escape and the palmed him in my fist to complete the capture.  It was then that I noticed an old lady looking out at me from her was her tree, see.  Now at five am...I must have kind of looked suspicious.  My beard then was thick and black and the hair cascaded to my shoulders.  There was a phone call to the police coming up soon.  I acted quick though, fueled by early moring coffee and some really righteous Colombian Gold Bud.  " Lady... I caught my Bird!" and held up the captured fugitive.  I am not sure what she made of it all, but I got my ass back home as soon as possible.

Mission accomplished!  and I had enough time to shower and met the guys for the
Brewer game ride to Milwaukee!  He was HOME!  Ok.... this is when weird took over.  See, after my shower I was rolling a couple of joints for the ride south, having a few puffs as I did.  I had also slipped him a bud in his seed dish, figuring, " Oh, well, welcome back."  I was also ranting on him... like, see, what a bad bird he was for flying off and how much I would have missed him and how lonely I would be without him.... ok...I was a young hippie talking to his what!  But he came close to the edge of the cage, as if he was taking this all in, and being reflective about it.

Just when I was about ready to leave. he scratched his head with his feet, which is a really neat trick, you gotta admit, but don't try it.  I did.  Doesn't work.  And then he wsaid.... "Sorry.  Didn't mean to bum you out.  just remember though..
"If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company."

... well boy, was I amazed....... listen I must finish this later.... got hit the social club at Oblios


Infidel753 said...

If you have sex with a woman, and tell her you have had a vasectomy when you haven't... that is lying.

What woman would ever believe a modern-day Republican who claimed he'd had a vasectomy? Fetus fetishism is the only aspect of sexuality that those guys don't repress.

Larry said...

I'm glad you pointed out that this happened in your "hippy days". It seemed kind of suspicious about you having a long BLACK beard at ... ummm ... your age. ;-)

Larry said...

Never mind. I see I should have read your previous post to realize your were telling us a story back in time. And I ain't even had any drugs, dammit.

Sherry Peyton said...

Well, now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Good old Gomez is back. How's he doing by the way? Don't they live to be 600 years old or something? I probally got that wrong. I hate when pets die. It's a total bummer. People too as a matter of fact. I have to have a long chat with God about that. It seems unnecessary, but then well, I guess you gotta make space--but then he could just build another planet. Too much for me on a Saturday. I'm bushed already an only made a pie and some pizza dough. Have a beer on me. Send me the bill.

okjimm said...

but but but the story continues

Life As I Know It Now said...

Aw, you got your pet bird back. How sweet. I think it was all that weed you were toking though that was talking that last bit and not the bird. Well, if he did say that you should have capitalized on that and like made some money man :)

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Romeny/Ryan have the equivalent of a sexual disease, and seriously if you vote for them.... boy you will be pissing blood and pain for the next four years!"

Not only will they screw us, but we'll have to be on meds for years after!

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