Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane?! Doesn't bother me....Mitt says {Fuck You"

Yessirre Bob.... Ol Mitt doan give a shit.  Hurricanes? 'fuck you'  Tornadoes?  Fuck you.  Droughts, floods, famine...?? "Fuck You"


You Betcha..... Mitt does not care about citizens with incomes under a Million!

And EVERYBODY knows that Santa and the Easter Bunny are goddam illegal immigrants just stealing American jobs.... and JUST GIVING THINGS AWAY.... like some fucking SOCIALISTS!

 think I'm kidding.... The goddam Bunny hangs out with that goddam socialist Muslim, Comunity goddam organizer in the White House.....I wanna see the goddam Rabbits BIRTH CERTIFICATE


Beach Bum said...

Got to give Mitt some backhanded credit, the bastard knows how to manage the Marching Morons and their constant resentment over their fear that someone might get something free.

Like disaster relief.

Tom Harper said...

Excellent link to Romney's comments about disaster relief. I just did a post on it. I hope this story goes viral.

okjimm said...

Dear Bum....Romney sucks.
and that is one of his better qualities.

Tom...checked your post.... good on you! sent you a FB note, too. I get somewhat political there as well.

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