Thursday, July 5, 2012

how hot is it?????

So how hot is it......

....Mitt Romney is campaigning 'off shore' to cool down
,,,,Rhode Island melted and no one noticed
,,,,you can get fresh boiled catfish out of the Mississippi
....the bacon went from the frying pan to the fire just to chill
....frozen jalapeno ice cream is selling well
,,,,Bill Reilly's rhetoric is being used to put out forest fires
,,,,Wisconsin cows are producing curdled milk
....Canada has asked the US to use better deodorant, and please, change your socks
....mold is the new state flower of Illinois
....corn is popping in Iowa fields


Sherry Peyton said...

actually, we are getting a bit of a break down here. It barely hit 90 yesterday. lol. Keep cool!

Ahab said...

I hear ya'. Today we had a high of 97, with the dew point up in the 70s. It was like a sauna outside.

Beach Bum said...

This heat sucks.

okjimm said...

it is so hot..... my athlete's foot fungus sleeps in the freezer.

susan said...

The humidity here in Halifax is 90% which is making 68F feel hot.

Snoring Dog Studio said...

106 degrees here yesterday, Jim! It was actually hotter than hell Texas for a change. We get these late afternoon thunderstorms with minuscule rain but tons of wind. I watched a branch break off my sister's tree and launch itself onto the ground. It cools off only in the early morning hours. I wonder what it will take for climate change deniers to get a clue? Spontaneous combustion of their entire neighborhoods?

okjimm said...

Susan....well, like they ain't the heat, it's the humility.

SDS....Wowzers!! It has 'cooled' off to normal, here. 85 during the day and mid to low 60's at night. The early morning breeze is good and sweet. Saturday the heat is supposed to be back. Oh, well. And I need to send you a note.

Life As I Know It Now said...

A few days ago it was 110 degrees here. Now that is freaking hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah? I read and I understand that I do not understand anything what it is about:0)

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