Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anyways... tis the season &stuff

Well, gosh-golly...... most years Wisconsin is getting set up for the outdoor season; boating biking, fishing, camping, hiking and all the other sundry things we miss four months of the year.
This year it is the Recall Season.....The election is still two weeks away...But Walker's ads ate ripping up the airwaves...He raised over $15 million in funding from OUT OF STATE CONTRIBUTORS... MOSTLY kOCH INDUSTRY FUNDED PACs... he is pushing to sell off State Forests and Parks.. or lease them to out of state management companies... by Federal Government estimates wWisconsing has lost about 6000 jobs in April alone, yet he claims that we have addeded 23,000, according to his State appointed flunky.

.... whew!!! in other news... the bestest girl in my part of the world finished her Senior Art Exhibit...

... had scored a couple of free tickets to the Black Keys in Milwaukee last Wednesday!  Couldna happed to a nicer kiddo!


BluebirdBlvd said...

Congrats to your bestest girl on both counts! Very cool!

Larry said...

I usually don't donate to out-of-state campaigns. Hell, I can barely afford to do so with the in-state type. But I have made a small donation to Democrat Tom Barrett's campaign.

Would love to see Walker mopping floors somewhere.

Tom Harper said...

And Walker is supposed to be favored to win this recall election. Unreal! If he wins, at least you guys will get another love letter from Illinois.

susan said...

It really is long past time to get corporate money out of politics.

Congratulations to your lovely daughter.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Illinois is most thankful :)

Sweet kid you have there.

Snoring Dog Studio said...

It's hard to believe that Walker could stay on in the job - but only if you're missing the fact that too many people in this country seem to be fine with big corporations pretending to be people and tainting the democratic process. The election of Obama to the POTUS brought out the money because it became the goal of conservatives to get rid of him - and that's all.

On a lighter note, congrats to the bestest girl! And enjoy your summer!

S.W. Anderson said...

Like Susan said. Plus, some terrific illustrations.

I hope Wisconsin voters won't let themselves be conned by all those millions being spent on propaganda aimed at undermining their best interests.

You'd think people would apply enough common sense to reason it this way: "If Scott Walker was worth a burning bag of dog doo on the front porch, it wouldn't take $15 million to sell him to voters in the third year of what was supposed to be a four-year term. So, if he's so awful those who want to keep him in office are prepared to spend $15 million to hard sell him to the dim of wit, the short of attention span and the perverse of nature, why should I vote for him?"

okjimm said...

Thanks all..... Walker is on TV is getting very depressing. thank goodness the weather has been good and I now watch as little TV as insomnia allows.

The girl is doing GREAT...the whole graduation week left me, ah, feeling old.

Thanks for all the wishes... now to defeat Walker. off to make a few phone calls.

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