Monday, April 9, 2012

it's the Monday after Easter..... is....

yesterday's Egg still kissable?


Sherry Peyton said...

I am not at all sure what this means, but I fear you spend too much time at Hansi's and therefore its dirty.

Ahab said...

Who on earth paints an Easter egg to look like himself!?

Beach Bum said... yesterday's Egg still kissable?

I have no idea, but the Easter candy here in my house is all up for grabs.

Courtenay Bluebird said...

The short answer? Yes.

The longer answer is actually a question/then a statement—

What gave you the idea to make a bearded egg person?

Now I want to make an egg person!

okjimm said...

Ha, Sherry... I do dirty...just evil and wicked@ ;)

Ahab...a few years ago one of my son's friends painted a dozen eggs to look like his friends. the photo is my son...kissing his egg. Still breaks me up.

Dear Bum...left over jelly beans? Leave them by the door.

CourtneyBB... see answer to Ahab. Welcome to my pages. But don't make an egg person...they are too easily scrambled

susan said...

Of course the answer is yes. The photograph is a real beauty. Did you send him chocolate?

Life As I Know It Now said...

A case of face on the egg instead of egg on the face :)

okjimm said... chocolate...but I did send him some socks.

Life... youse funny!!!!

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