Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hop After Shave

.Welllllll..... just hen I thought I had heard it all.... I hear something else! Ran into Al at Oblio's friday and he has a great new idea... After Shave that is made from hops.. (the stuff that gives beer flavor)
"Its very easy; just 14 grams of hops and one bottle of cheap witch hazel,let it sit in a jar two weeks,shaking daily,then funnel/strain back into the origional container/use it."

I will let youse all know how it turns out.  Or maybe you will be able to smell me headed your way.


Ahab said...

Interesting! The witch hazel would reduce irritation due to its astringent properties, but are the hops just for smell, or do they impart other properties?

Larry said...

Could you use it as an after shave lotion in this condition? Hey! There might be a market out there for such an ideer.

Randal Graves said...

This is quite bizarre. I had assumed that you already used beer as aftershave.

susan said...

This is almost as good as maple syrup scented Canadian $100 bills - not that I've seen one or expect to.

anita said...

We'd have to change your name to "Hoppy Jim."

okjimm said...

Ahab... not sure about the other properties. I need a few beers to think about it. ;)

Larry... I need it ready for the Christmas season... gift packs!

Susan... unsure of Canadian Money... but the beer is ok. Maple beer, too.

Anita, but I am Hoppy all the time! :)

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