Friday, January 20, 2012

So..... how cold is it?

well it is colder than I care for.  A deep freeze has set in here in my part of the world.  Below zero stuff with stupidly cold wind chills. O course, if I want to be really chilled I need to do more than listen to a politician, local or otherwise.
 There is a chill to the rhetoric that smacks me up side the head.... as ... cold.  Stark raving cold... and mean... unnecessarily so.

But that is not the story.
The Deal is I walked outside the coffee house this morning.  The Moon is a such a cool place that it is warm.... nicely so.  I did not notice her coming up behind me... and I could barely hear her when she said, "Excuse me.  You know this address?" ... and showed me a piecce of paper.  It was funeral home stationery with a church address handwritten on it.  The lady was about 4' 8" if she was an inch, Hmong, all bundled up. She appeared to be in her 70's and was bundled up so you could barely see her face. "Friend funeral. I must go."  You could tell English was not her first language.  I looked at the address and knew the church was about two miles away.  The bus station was two blocks.  I told her that the bus would take her within a block of the church.  " No money.  How far? I walk."  It was 3 below zero.  "C'mon," I said...." I'll get you the bus."
" No money! no bus."
Well I guess I got it through to her that she didn't need money. I also got enough out of her that she would know family at the church and could get a ride home.  We got to the bus station, I found the right bus, told the driver where she needed to go and put the buck in the collection box.  He said he would make sure she got off at the right block and he would show her the church.  She sat in the front and looked straight ahead.  Didn't say thank you. Old Asian women usually do not go out by themselves.  She was a bit scared, I think, and was going to the funeral of a friend.

Now, it wasn't a big deal and I am no goddam hero or stuff.... it was only a two block walk and a buck.

It really can be done.  Just saying.


Sherry Peyton said...

It's being human. You are. Wish everyone was.

It's cold here too. About 3 or so. Damn snow falling since this morning. Light, but at least 3 inches by now. Undoubtedly snowed in. Parker says he is now ready to leave for NMexico, now that winter is finally here, and he has been out filling the wood cart. He's ready to leave that job behind.

Stay warm.

MRMacrum said...

Well it is winter finally I guess. Being helpful usually doesn't cost a buck. Good on you for helping her out. And no, you ain't no hero, but I would say you are at the least border line nice. ;)

okjimm said...

Sherry.... mostly human. There are times in the morning that I wonder

Macrum.... What's Borderline Mice?

Are they illegal? Can they get green cards? oh oyh never mind

Tom Harper said...

Interesting story. For some reason it reminded me of Clint Eastwood's movie Gran Torino; probably because I've never seen the Hmong mentioned anywhere else.

Christopher said...

I'm glad you helped an elderly person get along her way.

The elderly are often invisible in our youth-oriented culture.

Entertainment, tech goodies, and clothes are geared and marketed to the all-important 18-35 year old demographic.

I remember a few years ago changing the battery in our neighbor's fire alarm. You could hear it bleating outside on the street. Our neighbor -- a woman easily over 80 years of age, was nearly hysterical. She didn't have the 9 volt replacement battery. We had a spare one in the junk drawer in the kitchen and used it.

She kept trying to foist $20 dollar bills on us for helping her out. She seemed genuinely taken aback when we refused her money.

Life is short and sometimes it is a small act of kindness that makes our journey easier.

Gavrillo said...

Keep up the good work, Bub. Ya did right. It's what keeps me coming back to this place for some down home thoughts.

Randal Graves said...

You're fooling no one. This is obviously step seven in your forty-six point plan to steal all of her life savings.

okjimm said...

Tom H.... Wisconsin has a goodly Hmong population. Very family orientated. Good food...nothing like an Asian restaurant serving Pho.

Chris... it is imperative to take care of the elderly... with a little like we get to be elderly, too!

G'rillo... alls I gotZ is down home thoughts... the ones bought at Walmart are too expensive and cheaply made.

Randal... trust me... I shook her down before I gave her that buck. If she had any eggrolls in them pockets I woulda had lunch!

Heather said...

What MrMacrum said, it costs a lot more than a buck to help; first you got to cross that border...


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