Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Daughter, partially college educated.

OK.... you are going to do what?
Jump in the Lake.
Jump in the Lake.
Does your mother know?
Maybe... not sure if I told her.
Best tell her.
Dad, it's for charity... Special Olympics.
Ya, you freeze off some parts and you will BE in Special Olympics.
So how much will you give to sponsor me?
I raise $75 and I get a T-shirt.
A $75 T-shirt?  I can get you a Oblio's shirt for ten bucks!
Dad !!! it's not the same!  
Damn straight it ain't!
Everyone's doing it!
Ya, Like who?
Kelsey and Lauren and Morgan and Emile and Dorrie... and ...
Whoa,,,, I didn't know you had so many dumb friends!
Dad !!!!!

miriam and kelsey
So it turns out that The Kid's friend, Kelsey, came up with the idea.  Or so The Kid says.  Kelsey and Miriam and a small group of students spent a semester in Europe about a year or so ago.  They became close friends. Yadda, Yadda..... Kelsey, in search of scholarship money, entered the 'Miss Oshkosh' pageant...and to cut to the chase, is NOW Miss Oshkosh.

So the event is to raise money for Special Olympics.... they cut a hole in the ice...we have a big frozen lake that is handy. and you jump in to raise money.  Fun, huh? Well to make it more FUNNER... they are going to go to a thrift store, buy old prom dresses, call it the Miss IceKosh pageant and jump in the frozen water.  See, a college education is very thought enhancing!

yup, Dad, we are going to make sashes... and tiara's  and wear high heels and....
Sounds like a lot of work.
Why don't you just put ice cubes in the bathtub?

So I miss this element of 'fun'. Frankly, my idea of Winter fun would be to sitting in front of a fire, a football game on TV, some chili on the stove...

oh, we will have a party later.
Sure, after we dry off.
Will that involve booze?
Of course!
Hot Apple Schnaaps!
Is there such a thing?
There will be!!!

..... see.... girls just wanna have fun...... whadda I know?????


Sherry Peyton said...

At my age,my heart would stop. Oh to be young again, but only if I could skip all the crummy parts.

okjimm said...

Sherry... I didn't mind being young.....except for the acne thing....made it hard to shave at 16.

Billie Greenwood said...

They deserve $$$ simply for dreaming up the "Miss IceKosh" title!!

Anonymous said...

My brother in law did some icy plunge in Minnesota on New Year's Day. I could never ever try it. But once, I went outside naked and lay down in the snow. Why, I have no idea.

Your daughter is absolutely adorable and sounds like she'll make you more proud than embarrassed.

okjimm said...

Billie..Miss Icekosh...was one I came up with .... and Wisbr-r-r-rsin... or W-ice-consin I think they will have fun

SD...ah, not for me... naked and snow are not two things that will happen simultaneously in my life.... the kid is great...she really is!!

susan said...

I just came back from a long walk along the beach on a 2 degree day where it was painful enough just looking at the ducks and gulls in the water. You have a very brave daughter - she's cute too.

Alecto said...

no. just no. It's finally down to 20 degrees here in CT and I have refused to go outside despite the fact that I single handedly killed the microwave last night and the girls are snarling and there's nothing in the house but leftovers needing micro waves...

My friend George the Crazy A$$ed Contra Dancer who's probably in his mid-fifties and REALLY OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER willingly went for a swim in Long Island Sound New Year's day to raise money for something but this year I don't imagine the sound is cold enough to kill you fast. But still.

Anyway. It's all relative. There's crazy and there's crazy and age got nuthin to do with it. George would probably hop in that lake in a prom dress too. I do believe I'll mention it next dance. Maybe he'll play his bagpipes on the way in... (George is probably the same flavor of uber cool as your daughter I'm thinking)

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