Monday, July 11, 2011

Bodacious Booters!!

Ok, Sports Fan's, this is the stuff!
Now, maybe you were in church or weeding the daisies or picking strawberries or grocery shopping.... well, if you were, too bad, cause, direct from Dresden you missed one of the best moments in SPORTS, BAR NONE!

The USA Womens World Cup team beat Brazil.... in one of the most dramatic finishes ever.  Down a goal, 2-1, with less than a minute left in extended play.... playing short a player for 56 minutes, running their asses off for TWO HOURS..!!!!!! .... and then  a beautiful cross from Megan Rapinoe headed in by Abby Wambach....
... and Hope Solo, brilliant in goal all game... did what she does best in the penalty shoot out  and USA gets a win over one of the premier teams in soccer.

well, anyways.... it is going to be a difficult week..... last week was  difficult.... but tomorrow I get to vote in the 'primary' to get rid of a 'fake' Democrat so we CAN FINALLY get a true recall election on the asshole state Senator in my district.

At least the USA Women gave me a lift.  Good on them.


squatlo said...

My son played soccer in college in east Tennessee, and I've been hooked ever since. Friends of ours in Germany are REALLY into the Women's World Cup, and that game had to be one of the most dramatic ever.

Good luck on the recall movement up there. What a load of asshats you guys have in office!

Unknown said...

I was running around the room doing my best Rocky imitation when I heard the news. A player short makes this whole story.. a-friggin-mazing.

nonnie9999 said...

i don't know much about soccer, but i saw video tonight of the bad calls (wtf?) and then the comeback. so exciting, even if you're not a soccer fan.

Randal Graves said...

No way they can top the drama of that sucker.

susan said...

I did get to read about the win and see more pictures. Crazy.

Good luck with the recall. It's more than time.

okjimm said...

USA vs Japan 1:45 CDT sunday!

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