Friday, April 22, 2011

God, Easter & Girls just wanna have fun.

yupperz... it's Good Friday.... then Holy Saturday.... then EASTER!
Now.... iffen I have to tell the truth... I am not a very religious person..... in fact, not at all.  Most times I would call myself and Atheist.... other times, an Agnostic (which sounds almost like a like hot drink...with brandy or something)... and when those moments approach me, that make me think that there might be a God...I am of the firm belief that he/she would mostly hang out in oak trees or summer breezes, not churches.
Anywayz..... the Easter Season means a lot to a lot of people.... some actually very nice ones, who do believe.  And good for them.  With out going on and on and on, cause what's the point, I want to relate a small comment a Presbyterian Minister once made to me.  Brad's kids and my kids both played together on their respective soccer teams and it turned out he also had an interest in good homemade beer. Now this was before I knew he was a minister, and what we would do is occasionally sneak out to the parking lot at half time during games (a forbidden thing, by club rules)  and share a beer.  During one of these occasions we got around to talking about 'what-do-you do' and he told me he was a minister. Now, I expected a bunch of Bible talk and such, and to head that off, I politely told him I really didn't believe in religion.  Well, he just handed me a bottle, looked me in the eye, and said, "I don't blame you a bit." We got along great for a couple of years before he and his wife moved to Tennessee.  I liked his attitude.  Sometimes I see folks who fervently believe in God, and they act sincere and honest and I think to myself, " I don't blame them a bit."

Anywayz. I didn't want to make a post about religion.... the idea was to just say HAPPY EASTER.        What I think, though, is that, if there is a God.... his would be the breath of laughter.  I'm adding a small video my daughter made of her trip last spring to Europe. It was a small study abroad program, only 11 students, and they were all over the place, Rome, Florence, London, Paris, Berlin.  She made it on her little 'point&shoot" camera.... but I like it a lot. Peace.


Sherry Peyton said...

I'm reading a book called "putting on the mind of Christ" and the author (who was a monk for years and far advanced in meditation) said that once in church as he sat in the pew, he saw Jesus beside him and he said, "this is kinda boring. Let's go swimming!" Yes I do think God is out rubbin' elbows with everyday people doing everyday things. :) Wish I could see the video! lol..Happy Easter

Liberality said...

That is a very healthy attitude you have there. Happy Earth Day to you as well. Hope you aren't green anymore:)

Sue said...

I don't know why Jim, but I can't see the videos lately, it says ERROR, try again later!!

Hope your Sunday is a good one, I'll be eatin' ham with the family, that's about it! :-)

nonnie9999 said...

the video is adorable, and the kids will love it when they watch it years from now.

happy easter to all who celebrate. chocolate bunnies for all!

Beach Bum said...

Not trying to be funny but I believe someone once said religion is something best taken in small doses. I believe in God, but not as some old man with a long bread sitting on some throne up among the clouds. To attribute human appearance and qualities to an entity that created the mulitiverse is an outrageous statement in arrogance and ignorance. But Star Trek long handled this question for me stating that we all try and make God in our own image. That explanation settled the question for me as to why people can scream about being holy yet able to kill anyone who disagrees with them

As for hanging out with the creator sitting on beach at night listening to the waves and looking at the stars is my thing.

Hope this makes some sense, I'm just now having my first cup of coffee.

Randal Graves said...

I knew you and your family were agents of the French. Traitors!

okjimm said...

sherry.... boy... are you missing something good! Have a good easter!

Libs.. with all my BAD habits.. and least I can have a good attitude.. plus, it's free!

Sue... hmmm don't know...not really computer smart. maybe need a different player installed.

Nonnie.. glad you liked it. I can't wait until monday... when the chocolate shop has bunnies half-price!

DEAR BUM...ya, religion in small does.... beer by the pints!

Randal... yupperz, oui is!! ah, oui, we is...

S.W. Anderson said...

"I am of the firm belief that he/she (God) would mostly hang out in oak trees or summer breezes, not churches."

Or, in minds and hearts. I once heard a good answer to the question, "Does Santa Claus really exist?" It was, "As long as one little boy or girl believes in him, he does exist, and he's as real, generous and jolly as they need him to be."

Later in life, I remembered that and took a larger meaning from it.

Some seem to need an organization, edifice and a particular brand. Others find God in a summer breeze, or their mind and heart. I'm no theologian, but I suspect God would like that.

susan said...

I recently learned that dolphins all have individual names. I also learned that humpback whales in the Atlantic make up new songs that all the other humpbacks riff on going from west to east. Maybe I didn't get that quite right but I like the idea. I also like the idea that there are so many things I'll never understand.

Nice video. Happy Easter.

okjimm said...

SW... absolutely correct!!
Susan... glad you like the video...I am working on establishing a whale/dolphin population in Lake Michigan. So far, none of them have agreed to immigrate. oh well.

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