Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Would a Republican do???

In August of 2009 Tom Barrett, then Mayor of Milwaukee and the man who ran against Scott Walker for Governor on the Democratic Ticket was leaving the Wisconsin State Fair with his family when he came across a domestic abuse situation.  Full Story Here

Now I am not saying that Tom would have made a GREAT Governor..... but it the wake of what has happened in the last couple of months, he would have made a much better one.  He as at State Park that day without his security..... he immediately went to 'help' someone.
I find it difficult to believe that Scott Walker would have been there alone, with family, that he would have rushed to help anyone.

Unless they CHEAT.......  see helping someone.... really helping someone, other than himself, is not what Scotty Sweetcheeks understands..... BUT HE KNOWS HOW TO CHEAT   there have also been vague rumors that  The 2.3 grade point Walker was caught cheating in college and was asked to leave.... rather that drop out. Hey, it's a rumor that I can not validate.... but like
Scott.... I'll say it any way.... like, when he SAID WISCONSIN IS BROKE  .....

oh gees, I gotzta go buy some rolaids.  I have heartburn and need some help..... I'm not calling Scotty, though.  I wonder if Tom will be around next January


Life As I Know It Now said...

Republicans--good at helping themselves by screwing you over!

Mauigirl said...

You're right, I'm sure - Walker would've never tried to help anyone unless it was to his own benefit.

S.W. Anderson said...

Liberality and Maugirl nail it perfectly. Barrett is the kind of person you want in public service because he obviously cares about people.

Walker is just as obviously the kind of person for whom public service is an alien concept. He's out to advance his own career, to stoke the profits and personal fortunes of people who can contribute large amounts to advance his career and to impose the perverse radical-conservative ideology on everyone.

I hope everyone in Wisconsin who's not a among the 27 percent who think like Walker realize what a mistake it was to give this lowlife the levers of power in their state.

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