Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quit making sense



"The Single Worst Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision I can Remember "

 There is a Sheriff in my neck of the woods  who, though he writes on mostly Wisconsington/local issues, makes a tremendous amount of sense and has been  increasingly a source for new and interesting thoughts and comments.  His latest post provides a strange and chilling link .... about the criminalization of youth....
Checki it out
The Chief

....it';s worth the read.


David Barber said...

The whole world is going completely f*****g mad!!

I never had any kind of sexual activity until I was of the correct age to do so...honest...sorry, I'm laughing now! ;-)

Liberality said...

Was the debt sexual in nature? ;~)

but seriously, the youth of America will screw their own selves up all in good time and we don't need to be adding anything to that that we don't need to.

okjimm said...

Ya..... The balance between intelligent diligence & common sense. Made me think..... At 17 - was a serial sex offender with a consenting 17 year old.Whoa

okjimm said...

David.... I wasn't....but I'm bettin my friend from long ago,if she remenbers, ..... Is laughing.

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