Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tomorrow will be a better day, I think

ok.  The world just got stranger and smaller.  Beautiful downtown Wisconsington just elected a Teabagger.  Replaced a clear thinking honest politician (not an oxymoron, really) with a small thinking idiot fuck who will not be able to find the Senate bathroom with a google map.  The guy believes Sun spots are causing climate change and that small businesses create jobs while still employing Dept of Corrections inmates as almost ten percent of his work force at his factory.  Saves him over 100K in health insurance benefits.  But he doesn't believe in government aid to business.  And he has yet to employ any of those inmates after their sentence is served.  I could go on.... but then I would have to start drinking and even by my standards it's early.
Well I'm not going to rant and rave... yet....there is still time, like the next six fucking years!
But I'm sitting at the New Moon having a coffee and a cheese scone this morning when this Dude in his mid-thirties comes up to me and says, "You're Okjimm....from the Eggroll Emporium."  Now.... I'm thinking the CIA or FBI or EPA or DEA or OSHA or some such as finally caught up with me.  But then I realize that the statute of limitations should have run out long ago on most of those major felonies and I never figured they would send anyone after me for stealing that lady's underwear or the parking tickets. And that shit that happened in Beirut was a long time ago, under a different alias and Brown Bob was the only one that knew of guns and he's dead.

Well.... it turns out that there are more than four folks in this burg of 62,000 that read this stuff.  Frankly, I was shocked. And then I was even more shocked when he introduces himself as one of our city councilmen.  And THEN... I realized I voted for him and boy& sure took him a long time to come around and thank me for the vote&stuff!  But connection was beer.  See... he's read Lee at Oshkosh beer and had moseyed over here from there and recognized me from that photo I put in the story about Oblio's. ( I really must be more careful about posting photos or an arrest MAY be imminent) And he recognized Al in the I knew Al was a real SOB...member of Society of Oshkosh Brewers, But I never new  he was also one of our County Board Members.
I just thought he was a guy who knows good beer and whose wife makes a fantastic mango salsa and beer rye bread.
So I spent a few moments talking with Bob who is almost as upset as I am over Feingold's loss in the Senate elelction and he gives me his take on a couple of people who are running for the School Board, including a nut-job homophobe. It was a short talk, but a nice one.  Homophobes are fun to talk about and it really has a nice sound, homophobe, kinda like microbe or isotope or big dope.  Anyways... it was nice.  Nice to know that there are some folks, outside of my sincerely beloved circle of bloggy-buds who read my drivel. Maybe.'s been a glum few days.  I can't believe we are such a nation of idiots.... and I DO NOT mean because Republicans won more legislative races than Democrats.... but it was the way the election was run and they type of candidates that won.  Fear Mongers. Racists. Bigots. Know Nothings.  I guess I was naive enough to think tha America was beyond all that bullshit.  But we are not.  Most voted as if they were casting a vote for a Fox Stupid Reality show....."Dancing with The American Idol".  It broke my heart.  And then I realized that WE are still here.  Folks of a like nature.  Kind, interesting and (except for me) mostly intelligent.  We may find each other in cafes, or bars, or blogs....but we seem to search for each other.  The Media has let us down.  The TV stations, the Newspapers, The Magazines.....but in that failure it becomes clear that there must be an alternative way to connect, to communicate, to embrace new and wonderful tomorrows.  The future is us.  We just don't know it yet.


Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

Nothing broke me like Feingold's loss to the idiot that needs a google map to find the shitter...nothing jim. I could of taken all the horseshit Tuesday night but that and Grayson's defeat in the House.

But I do love that you are rubbing elbows with elected officials, in a beer joint!

Wish I was there. I am sure you could cheer me the fuck up dude!

okjimm said...

Dusty.... just got an email from the Feingold campaign....


Thank you. Thank you for your support over the years. Representing Wisconsin in the Senate has been the greatest honor of my life and together we accomplished many great things. No one has ever had such a strong foundation of support as I have. You gave me my backbone.

In the words of Bob Dylan: "But my heart is not weary. It's light and free. I've got nothing but affection for those who have sailed with me."


Thank you,

...quoting kinda guy. He also stopped in to Oblio's a couple of weeks before the election; the local Dem Headquarters was just down the block..... he's really a short guy...looks bigger on TV and stands taller than most. Rubbing elbows? More like raising elbows. One of our State House reps hangs out there occasionally ... he won.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I got it too sweetie as I gave him some money to fight the fuckwads. Wasn't much, but every little bit counts they say..but not this time as the Corporate fucks won out.

Sherry Peyton said...

Yeah, Feingold was a bad one. I thought he was gonna make it, until the last week when he slipped back in the polls again.

David Austin posted that Anne frank said that "people are basically good" and I gotta believe that. I gotta hope that. Otherwise...

Damn the shit heads and here's hoping for better. Have you read Confederacy of the Dunces? I'll send it to you if not. Parker got it for me when we first got married. A great little piece of fiction. Let me know.

okjimm said...

I LOVE that book. Funny... just posted an Ignatius J Reilly quote on FB. I think I need to re-read....if my valve stays open@@

Mauigirl said...

So sad about Feingold. But cool that your city councilman recognized you!

America really is full of idiots, and also I blame those who did not vote on Tuesday - many of whom were Democrats, apparently.

Liberality said...

Big dope is right on the money. Hey, now that you have been outed how long before you are carted away? :) Okay, I kid. If they try to take you we will track them down and make them pay. I'll have a beer and some cheese and pretzels for you too.

Beach Bum said...

Hate to sound like a pollyanna but Feingold strikes me as a healthy and fairly young dude, I wonder if six years from now might he try and retake his senate seat?

Wisconsin ain't South Carolina and will have to realize the mistake it made at some point. Because I got to say again I sure as Hell wouldn't trust any sorry SOB named Ron Johnson.

On a purely hateful note I can't wait to see the other South Carolina senator, Lindsey Graham, get roasted by the teabaggers in 2012. They already have Sweet Lindsey in their crosshairs and the rumors about him that have been floating around for years are sure to be put front and center by the Fox Noise crowd.

Lindsey has tried to ride both sides of the political fence and looks more like a politican riding the political winds than someone trying to build bridges

Randal Graves said...

The dums will take control in 2014 under a gooper pretzeldent, nothing will change, wash, rinse, repeat.

We're the unwashed masses, folks. Thus, drink adult beverages to pass the time.

okjimm said...

Maui....ya I was surprised,too, especially since I only go to bars,strip clubs, tattoo parlors and heroin dens. &the library.
Libs..I have expected to be institutionalized for the last several years. I wouldn't mind. As long as I have internet access.

Dear Bum...the word is our other Dem \Senator is retiring in 2012 and Russ will run for that seat. I hope I hope.

Randalz... I am not 'unwashed' & I have learned how to drink beer in the shower. Sos there!

susan said...

Thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that corporations have the right to give as much cash to political campaigns as they want it came as no surprise to me that they targeted the two Democrats who've been pushing hardest for financial reform. I'm very depressed their chicanery worked but it won't hold in the long-term.

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